Expanding Earth theory (Growing Earth theory) and an Exchanging Earth

Expanding Earth theory (Growing Earth theory) and an Exchanging Earth with the rest of the solar system and universe?

The Expanding Earth theory is an interesting idea especially with the stunning visual ‘evidence’ – The Earths continents also appear to fit perfectly together on a smaller planet, to form a ‘supercontinent’ that would be the Earths surface.

Geology theory suggests that many times in the past the Earths continents have broken up, drifted, then collided back together to form a one large landmass. Each time forming or breaking up a supercontinent.

Pangea seperationintro thumb

Wikipedia: In geology, a supercontinent is the assembly of most or all of the Earth’s continental blocks or cratons to form a single large landmass … Supercontinents have assembled and dispersed multiple times in the geologic past.

Supercontinent names: Ur (Vaalbara), Kenorland, Protopangea-Paleopangea, Columbia (Nuna), Rodinia, Pannotia, Pangaea.

Growing Earth Theory (Expanding Earth Theory)

The Growing Earth or Expanding Earth theory suggests that instead of the supercontinents theory, the planet has expanded from its original supercontinent that was the whole Earths surface.

But how or what would trigger, cause, energise an expanding Earth?

Exchanging Earth

All planets, moons and the Sun in our Solar System and the Universe were considered by Scientific theory to be isolated objects that were not interacting with each other.

Science has now changed that theory as more and more connections are being found between our Solar Systems bodies. The Earth is electromagnetically connected to the Sun (NASA). The Earths Plasma Fountain (Wikipedia). Jupiter has an electromagnetic connection to its moons, especially Io (Wikipedia).

Plasma, electrically charged gas is believed to make up over 99% over the known Universe.

Perhaps an Earth exchanging with an Electromagnetic Universe might help to explain the Growing Earth Theory?

Although not part of the original theory, perhaps the Earth expanded and also shrunk a number of times. This would also explain the braking up and formation of the multiple supercontinents.

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The growing earth hypothesis ignores the fact that the Himalayas are still growing.

Suresh Bansal
Suresh Bansal



@Mack71Gravity is perhaps the most inconsistent constant and we do not know what actually creates it.

NASA quote:

"Question: What is gravity?

Answer: We don't really know.

We can define what it is as a field of influence, because we know how it operates in the universe. And some scientists think that it is made up of particles called gravitons which travel at the speed of light.

However, if we are to be honest, we do not know what gravity "is" in any fundamental way - we only know how it behaves. "

So physical things or events could in theory or in fact affect the earths gravity.

Changes in the earths mass or perhaps a force creating the secondary affect of gravity could very likely influence mega and micro fauna/flora in the same locations.

Perhaps also geology, physical events in our skies and also humans in our body and minds?




@PadmaDrago If the earth is growing AND shrinking and has done many times in the past, then this could perhaps explain why the Himalayas are growing.

Also may explain the many, and very puzzling, previous supercontinents?

Why and how do all the worlds’ continents roam around the surface of the earth before all meeting together again to form a supercontinent, then for some reason separate again and then create another supercontinent, and keep doing this?


I agree with what you are saying about oil and even gas being created by and in the earth. We are constantly finding the largest newest oil/gas find ever ... You can include water in that as its found miles under ground in rocks (super deep boreholes in russia and germany) and fossil water. Perhaps the electric universe model provides a way for Gaia to power itself and create our fuels. It could also give both positive and negative feedback systems for life and the planet?