Expanding Earth theory (Growing Earth theory)

Expanding Earth theory (Growing Earth theory) and an Exchanging Earth with the rest of the solar system and universe?

The Expanding Earth theory is an interesting idea especially with the stunning different visual ‘evidence’. The Earth’s continents appear to fit together on a smaller planet, to form a ‘supercontinent’ that would be the whole Earth’s surface. Also, our continents form a nearly perfect Pangea on a planet 80% its present diameter, unlike on our present size planet.

Pangea seperationintro thumb

Geology theory suggests that many times in the past the Earths continents have broken up, drifted, then collided back together to form a one large landmass. Each time forming or breaking up a supercontinent.

Wikipedia: In geology, a supercontinent is the assembly of most or all of the Earth’s continental blocks or cratons to form a single large landmass … Supercontinents have assembled and dispersed multiple times in the geologic past.

Supercontinent names: Ur (Vaalbara), Kenorland, Protopangea-Paleopangea, Columbia (Nuna), Rodinia, Pannotia, Pangaea.

Could the planet have expanded, shrunk, expanded, shrunk … a few times to explain multiple supercontinents?

Ocean floor rock is new, thin and different

expanding earth theory growingThe sea floor rock material is different to continental rock, it is also relatively very new and thin. Is sea floor spreading at the mid ocean ridges new material as the Earth grows or expands?

According to geology around 80% of the Earths surface is new material, being dated to younger than 200 million years.

is the earth planet still growing expanding

Oceanic crust underlies most of the two-thirds of the Earth’s surface which is covered by the oceans. It has a remarkably uniform composition (mostly 49% ± 2% SiO2) and thickness (mostly 7 ± 1 km).

The ocean floor is the most dynamic part of the Earth’s surface. As a result, no part of the oceanic crust existing today is more than 200 million years old, which is less than 5% of the age of the Earth itself.
British Antarctic Survey – Oceanic Crust

Growing Earth Theory (Expanding Earth Theory)

The Growing Earth or Expanding Earth theory suggests that instead of the supercontinents theory, the planet has expanded from its original supercontinent that was the whole Earths surface.

Over the centuries there have been a lot of theories about a hollow earth and an expanding Earth and how or what processes could cause a planet to grow. The video below is by Neal Adams who reignited the expanding Earth debate.

Neil Adams has his own unique ideas about the mechanics of how the planet could have grown. They are not necessarily what others who are interested in exploring the idea of the possibility of the planets having expanded at some time in the past.

Exchanging Earth

expanding earth energy puzzle space tornadoesBut how or what would trigger, cause, energise an Expanding Earth? What processes or mechanism could help with a Growing Earth?

Could the energy and perhaps if extra mass is needed, come from what seems to be planet Earth receiving and exchanging energy and molecules/matter with our Sun and perhaps in a circuit with our solar system?

With the other solar system bodies such as planets, moons, active asteroids and comets part of a plasma circuit and solar system engine?

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