Expanding Earth theory (Growing Earth theory)

Expanding Earth theory (Growing Earth theory) and an Exchanging Earth with the rest of the solar system and universe?

The Expanding Earth theory is an interesting idea especially with the stunning different visual ‘evidence’. The Earth’s continents appear to fit together on a smaller planet, to form a ‘supercontinent’ that would be the whole Earth’s surface. Also, our continents form a nearly perfect Pangea on a planet 80% its present diameter, unlike on our present size planet.

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Pangea seperationintro thumb

Geology theory suggests that many times in the past the Earths continents have broken up, drifted, then collided back together to form a one large landmass. Each time forming or breaking up a supercontinent.

Wikipedia: In geology, a supercontinent is the assembly of most or all of the Earth’s continental blocks or cratons to form a single large landmass … Supercontinents have assembled and dispersed multiple times in the geologic past.

Supercontinent names: Ur (Vaalbara), Kenorland, Protopangea-Paleopangea, Columbia (Nuna), Rodinia, Pannotia, Pangaea.

Could the planet have expanded, shrunk, expanded, shrunk … a few times to explain multiple supercontinents?

Ocean floor rock is new, thin and different

expanding earth theory growingThe sea floor rock material is different to continental rock, it is also relatively very new and thin. Is sea floor spreading at the mid ocean ridges new material as the Earth grows or expands?

According to geology around 80% of the Earths surface is new material, being dated to younger than 200 million years.

is the earth planet still growing expanding

Oceanic crust underlies most of the two-thirds of the Earth’s surface which is covered by the oceans. It has a remarkably uniform composition (mostly 49% ± 2% SiO2) and thickness (mostly 7 ± 1 km).

The ocean floor is the most dynamic part of the Earth’s surface. As a result, no part of the oceanic crust existing today is more than 200 million years old, which is less than 5% of the age of the Earth itself.
British Antarctic Survey – Oceanic Crust

Growing Earth Theory (Expanding Earth Theory)

The Growing Earth or Expanding Earth theory suggests that instead of the supercontinents theory, the planet has expanded from its original supercontinent that was the whole Earths surface.

Over the centuries there have been a lot of theories about a hollow earth and an expanding Earth and how or what processes could cause a planet to grow. The video below is by Neal Adams who reignited the expanding Earth debate.

Neil Adams has his own unique ideas about the mechanics of how the planet could have grown. They are not necessarily what others who are interested in exploring the idea of the possibility of the planets having expanded at some time in the past.

Exchanging Earth

expanding earth energy puzzle space tornadoesBut how or what would trigger, cause, energise an Expanding Earth? What processes or mechanism could help with a Growing Earth?

Could the energy and perhaps if extra mass is needed, come from what seems to be planet Earth receiving and exchanging energy and molecules/matter with our Sun and perhaps in a circuit with our solar system?

With the other solar system bodies such as planets, moons, active asteroids and comets part of a plasma circuit and solar system engine?

Click for the Exchanging Earth introduction or for a list of all the XEarth articles (blog).

  • Kelas Keles

    I have a question that is quite interesting about how the earth is expanding. I had the assumption that if the earth expands due to space also expands. It is connected with the big bang theory. if the assumptions that have the possibility?

    • Tark McCoy

      Probably not. I think it’s more a matter of hot, compressed matter being expelled into a low pressure environment. This would allow material within that lava to boil, creating a more foamy rock as it cooled. This would displace more space than the (pressurized) liquid lava it came from.

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  • Xasaisa

    @Suresh Bansal  That is incorrect

  • WinnieHowell perhaps due to subduction of tectonic plates? but do planets oldest fossils suggest no plate tectonics regurgitation or subduction? http://www.xearththeory.com/stromatolites/

  • WinnieHowell

    Hello, I’m doing this science project thats due on Monday, can someone please help me with a question? Why doesn’t the earth grow larger if the earth’s crust is expanding at the mid-ocean ridges?

  • Hans van Leunen

    VedShehu Hans van Leunen
    The Hilbert Book Model is a serious mathematical model and not a phantasy as you suggest. I challenge you to disprove it.

  • VedShehu

    Hans van Leunen Factually, the Earth’s does not expand, and also does not devlope by Plate Tectonics theory, the earths is grown from a cosmic mater transformation positioned within the core amasing energetic structure asultradense centrospherical layer releasing heat (as a geotheraml fiels among other geophysical fields. It iis not a phantasy as yours , but  the scientific truth concluded by reintegration of all datta and interpretatin on the Earth and cosmos. More, plese sea here;’

  • Hans van Leunen

    It is false to suggest that earth is expanding due to particle creation. Particle creation usually occurs as pair creation and pair creation/annihilation of particles and antiparticles can also be explained by the zigzag time travel of a single particle type. Meteorites often contain water and a possible increase of the mass of the earth may be due to that effect.

    Here’s something from
    Docs.com that I think might interest you:
    zigzagging particles by Hans van

  • Nurbek64

    Measurement of the Earth’s rotation: 720 BC to AD 2015F. R. Stephenson, L. V. Morrison, C. Y. HohenkerkAbstract
    New compilations of records of ancient and medieval eclipses in the period 720 BC to AD 1600, and of lunar occultations of stars in AD 1600–2015, are analysed to investigate variations in the Earth’s rate of rotation. It is found that the rate of rotation departs from uniformity, such that the change in the length of the mean solar day (lod) increases at an average rate of +1.8?ms per century. This is significantly less than the rate predicted on the basis of tidal friction, which is +2.3?ms per century. Besides this linear change in the lod, there are fluctuations about this trend on time scales of decades to centuries. A power spectral density analysis of fluctuations in the range 2–30 years follows a power law with exponent ?1.3, and there is evidence of increased power at a period of 6 years. There is some indication of an oscillation in the lod with a period of roughly 1500 years. Our measurements of the Earth’s rotation for the period 720 BC to AD 2015 set firm boundaries for future work on post-glacial rebound and core–mantle coupling which are invoked to explain the departures from tidal friction.

  • Nurbek64

    Period                                                 Age                         radius of the
                                                                (years)                           (km)
    Current                                                        0                         6371 
    Upper Cretaceous                                  70 million                 6361,3
    Upper Triassic                                       220 million                 6339,1
    Pennsylvani  n                                       290 million                5968,5
    Mississippian                                          340 million               5899,1
    Upper Devonian                                     380 million                5843,6
    Middle Devonian                                    395 million                 5822,7
    Lower Devonian                                     410 million                5801,9
    Upper Silurian                                        420 million                5788,0
    Middle Silurian                                       430 million                 5774,2
    Lower Silurian                                        440 million                 5760,3
    Upper Ordovician                                   450 million                 5746,4
    Middle Cambrian                                    510 million                 5663,1
    Ediacarin                                                600 million                 5538,2
    Cryogenian                                            900 million                 5121,8

  • Nurbek64

    In the calculations we assumed the following postulates:
    (Days per year) · (hours per day) = const, is the annual orbital period
    around the Sun T.
    According to the law of Kepler T^2  /R^3   =const ,, where R is the distance from
    the Earth to the sun.
    From here you will get the answers to your questions.

  • HuronPunal one possible explanation for all the different strata types found around the world, especially the deeper into our planet you go?

    different space bodies could have different physical properties and push up from the bottom of our core?

  • Very interesting stuff. Can someone explain the following bit of related maths or physics for me?If planet Earths year has changed – eventually decreased until todays figures – does this mean its orbit has changed? http://www.everythingselectric.com/day-length/Has its distance increased or decreased from the Sun or is that not what it implies?How would our planets orbit be effected by its increasing weight or growing?What future changes in data would there need to be to confirm or deny a growing planet?Thanks

  • Nurbek64

    Age of the Earth is 4,54-4,6
    billions of years. These numbers are based on radioisotope dating. Studying
    fossil coral, whose age is 400 million years, paleogeologists found that in
    those early days the year consisted of 400 days. Calculations show that the
    radius of the Earth, on average, increased by the amount of 1.3834475 mm. If
    the modern Earth’s radius 6371 km divided by 1.3834475 mm per year, we get
    time, the Earth’s growth since its inception to date, equal to 4.6 billion
    years, which is consistent with the reference data. In accordance with the
    above, we determine the age of the terrestrial planets: Mercury, Venus and
    1. http://www.omicsonline.com/open-access/nonradiometric-dating-of-the-age-of-the-earth-implications-from-fossilcoral-evidence-2277-1891-1000160.php?aid=61260

  • VedShehu

    HuronPunal Scientific reasoning uses successfully the fantasy, when integrates known facts to reache to the unknwn cause, the source of the process causing known facts. The key fact is Earth’s core energetic structure, and if we, through our scientificaly based image, are able to integrate the core’s function with the basic facts, then we might go to the black hole, and determine how the origin of the Earth’s core structure is related to palanet-formation process and to black hole probable role.

  • VedShehu

    HuronPunal The Earth’s growth is a real phenomenon of a real process. But until now, no one was able, except me, to reintegate basic data and interpretation, and conclude what is in transforming process within the Earth’s core amazing structure. Every interpretation that ignors inner mechanism raning inside the core and causing Earth’s core energetic structure, and consequently Eath’s growth, could not be able to construct a consequent scientific interpretation…

  • MortAmor HuronPunal We must know that. if the Earth’s radius is enlareged, and the Earth size is enlarged, it is not result of an Earth’s Expansion without a factor to do that. Conclusively, the Earth’s Growth in size, must occur only from a shape of the cosmic matter transformatin within its core, concentrated as utrathin ultardense geospheric kernel of the core. Its produces energy and magma that causes Earth Groth.
    No creation, but matter transformation directs the world and worlds.

  • HuronPunal 
    I believe this “Contract”(or “Deal” with the Devil” in all of its details)… is indeed a “Contraction”(Or Originating “Black Hole)… and all subsequent “black holes” as well as “bulgings”(known as planets, stars, spheres, etc.) simply “pop up” “in honor of” and “because of”(being caused BY) that “Initial Act”(and initiating activity… a root causal phenomenon)… making them merely “Relatives” unto this“Origin(all)” “Pairing” of the “Opposites”(and the “parents” of “all things”)…unification of the “Here” WITH the “There”… and the “Now” WITH the “Then”… and the “In” WITH the “Out”… having the “First” WITH the “Last”… and it is only the matter of “perspective” which differentiates… and so long as all that is sought after is “One” type of thing at a time, keeping it separated from its “Other”… then NEVER will there be a vision of the figured 8(sign of Infinity)… always seeing “IT” as “Two Zero’s” instead… nothing else… which in the end is actually, “No Thing”(zero)… just a thought… and maybe a theory.-M-

  • HuronPunal … yes… although one of a kind… the
    sort that would be… the originating “black hole” of the entire
    universe… and when viewed invertedly this would also appear at one and the
    same time to be an expansion… all force/energy motioning into the
    “nothing”… resulting in the leaving(creation) of “everything”
    in its wake… being verified as well by a red shift “quandary”… having
    the appearance of everything in the whole universe “expanding” away
    from the earth… equally fast… and in all directions… yet, in actuality
    this can all be explained as being caused by a “contraction”
    instead… happening right beneath our feet… and that the “Earth”(the
    ONLY “living thing”) would be the purpose, reason, and
    “justification” for all of all that “focus” and
    “concentrating” activity…

  • HuronPunal

    I posted my theory on the the Earth’s growth. Check my post.
    Dated Jan 28,2016

  • HuronPunal

    Check my post.
    Dated Jan 28,2016
    That’s my theory growth on the Earth’s growth.

  • HuronPunal

    Check my post.
    Dated Jan 28,2016
    That’s my growth theory.

  • HuronPunal

    Has anyone considered that IN the center on the earth is the opposite end of a black hole? The black holes that we “see” are taking in matter. Where doe’s it go?
    In the past, when our sister black hole to our planet was consuming matter, it sent it through the wormhole to the earth. This caused the earth to expand AND explains WHERE the extra matter is coming from to cause the expansion.
    When the black hole is consuming “space” (emptiness and gasses), the earth is being fuled with energy.
    When the black hole consumes an asteroid or a small moon or planet, the earth grew.
    Since the black hole is not “constantly” consuming solid matter, the earth is not constantly expanding.

  • VedShehu

    electrobleme Only a conform mediocrity doesn’t see numerous facts of the Earth and of cosmos, and if may see cannot has capability to understand, integrate and conclude to indisputable, the gigantic truth that the planets including Earth were formed and developed from theirs ultradense transformable core kernels, causing growth of planets; farther more to understand that the Sun, having the common origin with planets is gigantic core covered of helium and hydrogen and a fraction of the atoms of periodic elements produced also from its transformable stellar-kernel kernel. If a common scholar would understand that the Earth’s core amazing structure produces the Earth’s inner energy, he without doubt would conclude that the energy together with the atoms is produced in the Earth’s core since planet-formaton epoch.

  • @parkham  H G Owens maps show a better fit together for the last supercontintent Pangaea on an 80% globe compared to a the size of Pangaea on the world we know today. The water would be around the only continent, so just one ocean and one landmass.


  • @Annjillian only current theory has to suggest planet earth and other planets are not expanding? we dont have enough long term data to confirm or deny any growing planets, especially if planets expand in spurts or only parts of them grow at a time?

  • Annjillian

    Any idea what might be the reason why planet are not longer growing in size?

  • lambertjamesd eyebeam 

    Mechanism of the Earth’s growth is
    the transformable ultra-dense ultrathin geosphere within the Core energetic
    structure. The particle and ultra-particles when are released from ultra-dense atate
    of the kernel and are reconstructed in atom-molecular shape of matter are
    occupied unusually volume than before. So these new formation atom-molecular
    matter is additional mass of the growth, whle the total Earth mas remain
    constant because the mass of the core kernel is consumed within of constant
    Earth’s mass.
    Already, should be understood that
    the Earth’s core with the kernel in its structure was an innate, energetic
    cosmic object inside the Earth since the epoch of nebula transformation in
    planetary disc.
    How might this happen? It is
    plainly a natural process that could easily be captured by proper and simple
    scientific integration of a few common, well-known facts which, as mentioned
    above, are essential to the process. This way of simple scientific thinking was
    applied by ancient scientists, the founders of the fundamental concept in
    scientific reasoning, among many let’s remember, Anaximander (610 – 546 BCE) in
    his forgotten definition about natural
    biological evolution, also has been forgotten
    for two thousand years the atom theory of the Democritus (460 to 370 B.C). Even more so, the forgotten heliocentric model proposed by another ancient scientist,
    Aristarchus (circa 310 BC – 230 BC), also speaks to this simplicity issue. Four
    centuries later, the real heliocentric model was totally ignored by complicated
    mathematical accounts of Ptolemy (90 – 180 CE). So, I am obliged to emphasize
    that, in writing this compact theory, it is not possible to refer to all the
    details of well-known publications by numerous authors about discussable
    problems of standard theories. In any case, these details would not bring
    anything new to shed more light on this question. So, more data are not
    necessary to argue that the core has energetic structure, consequence of the
    certain cosmic matter transformation inside it, named the core kernel. The
    needed data are not arguing existence and function of the core kernel, but to verify
    its real location, the parameters, the structure and the way of the
    transformation in order to confirm its details analogically as was detailed the
    ancient notion of the atom.
    So, it becomes necessary to shift the energy
    source of the geodynamic processes from the inert mantle to the energetic
    structure of the core; further to determinate the cause of the core’s energetic
    sturucture, and to reconstruct the Earth’s core origin. Following explanation,
    we will then say: it is as plain as Columbus’s egg.

  • Alan Lowey

    I’ve just recently realized that the Hidden Matter Hypothesis creates a mechanism for the Expansion Hypothesis, where the slowing down at the innermost core interface turns low entropy matter, hidden matter, into ordinary matter. The more orderly matter changing into a less orderly state implies an increase in volume. 

    See page 7 of Mystery Fifth Force Links Spring Tides With The Ice Ages



  • Bizzelhill “allowing for dinosaurs to be much larger” …I saw a science program where someone studied what the affects of a denser atmosphere(more CO2 in it I think) would have on present day plant life. A “controlled” terrarium was constructed where it was discovered that “giant” versions of our modern day plants was the end result. Later on, one of the scientist decided to place an early stage dragon fly into this large pressurized glass vessel, which was supposed to be imitating the earth’s atmosphere from earlier times(based upon ice core samples taken from the Antartic). The dragon fly too became “giant”… I believe it was three times larger than its normal size. -M-

  • Bizzelhill  According to my theory is argued:
    – The newly grown the Earth’s crust (farther lithosphere), among older continental slices, is manifestation the growth of Entire Earth” silicate shell of the core growth. It is expressed by dark-green rocks of the ocean bottom. Interesting is that even the Moon’ seas are built by the new basaltic green-dark rocks among the older crust’s bright rocks of the “Moon’s continents”. This phenomenon is seen even in other planets. It demonstrates that Earth’s Growth is done by an inner process;
    – According, to data of cosmic dust attracted by (or fallen in) Earth I calculated that for 200 million years when continents were broken the volume of magma growth is more than thousand times from fallen dust.
    – The reality that in every development the inner factor is the main factor, the Earth’s core expresses an amazing structure, that manifests presence of the growth by a mechanism hidden just in its structure, determined by me as an ultrathin, ultradense, sphere-centric transformable core kernel.
    Its means that Earth’s core is an energetic cosmic object, a sun-like star in miniature, while the Sun as a star is a gigantic bar core.

  • Bizzelhill  Nice to hear that you guess a hypotheses that the cause of the Earth’s developing runs inside the core. Many others see the core as the factor of the Earth’s growth. But none of the scholar stops and scrutinizes the core’s amazing structure, as I did. The outer core manifests the presence of the core kernel, a transformable cosmic fuel, a geocentric fire, which holds in the melted state outer core. Furthermore, the melted mass through transitory layers transits to melted state; upward to silicate mantle until surface as volcanic lava. On other side the heavier fraction (probably of predominant Fe) is differentiated and passes inward to the solid inner core. So, the core makes the Earth since planet-formation epoch.

  • Bizzelhill

    Another thing to think about… supposedly 60 tons of material enter the earth’s atmosphere daily, multiplied by billions of days.. This has to have a huge affect on the planet’s
    total mass over such a long period of time.

  • Bizzelhill
  • I confirm, is someone compose even a plain scientific reasoning to enter the God’s creation is liar or ignorant. The clerical temples and the cult temples are cultural centers swept from scientific reasoning, because in scientific logic reasoning  starts from real demonstrative premises, known widely ad concludes to recommendation for practical use, or to shed light in hidden things. So, creation is out from logical reasoning, and naturally out from science and the truth of events done by people, and not by Satan or God.

  • Vedat Shehu newmindz In fact the “How” is rather DANGEROUS information. Because, once the “How” has
    been determined, that information can be utilized to “Achieve” or even
    “Create” something WITHOUT having any true “Purpose”… other than maybe
    “earning a dollar”(which, although being done “ON” purpose… is not necessarily
    filled with anything that would be considered TRUE “Purpose”)… Dangerous
    “purpose” that… Money! FOR Profit! …sounds rather “Judascious” to me(that
    “religious” story of Judas’ comes to mind, doesn’t it? …worshipping “Numbers”
    again? hmm). Anyway, apologies unto all offended by my “Religious” take on
    “Reality”, but as I previously mentioned, “Science” is itself a form of
    “Religion”. -M-

  • Vedat Shehu newmindz And yet, when you ask a scientist, “Why is there gravity?” …“calculators” will
    start churning and then using “calculations” these “Scientists” will try to
    “Reasonably” explain “How” the phenomenon exists. They are using
    “Numerology”(the “Worship” of Numbers) and do not even realize it as such. I
    simply believe that we should instead ask of ourselves “What is its PURPOSE”!
    Understanding a thing’s “Purpose” is the true “Why” and is much more essential
    information than “How” a thing exists.

    STUPID LIKE “THAT”!!! The Moon is 27% the size of Earth(too big to have been
    “captured” by earth gravity) and rotates around us by “STARING” at us(its face
    is “always” pointing toward us). The Moon’s “anomalies” have been inadequately
    explained by the “experts”. I “DO KNOW THIS”: THE MOON IS ESSENTIAL TO LIFE ON
    EARTH!!! “Everything” is “Tied Together”! …The Sun, The Moon, and The Earth…

  • Vedat Shehu newmindz As far as I am concerned, “Scientist” are nothing more(or less) than modern day
    “High Priests”. They all have “sacred” knowledge and protect “sacred” theories,
    fighting tooth and nail in the endeavor. The main reason for most of them in
    this struggle is purely “financial”. Behind the scene I believe there are even
    more DEVIOUS motives… like the altering of beliefs and perspectives so that
    “they”(the ones behind the scene who FINANCE the sciences) can more easily push
    us in the direction and down the path where we would not “normally” CHOOSE to
    go… like to the Moon “mining it for helium”???

  • Vedat Shehu newmindz Not only that, but this discovery inspired them to check into all of that
    nuclear waste hidden in barrels underground and in caverns. Eureka! THERE IS
    LIFE THERE TOO! Microbes are “eating” nuclear waste and digesting it into
    “harmless” components. Another “GREAT DISCOVERY OF SCIENCE”… “without”
    mentioning the “fact” that “they” with all their educated “wisdom” would and

  • Vedat Shehu newmindz Lo and behold, NOW “scientists” exclaim, “Wow! There’s MORE LIFE DOWN THERE THAN
    did ANY “scientists” APPOLOGIZE for their “error in judgment”? No! I don’t even
    recall the infamous “We Failed To Connect The Dots”… or “We Dropped The Ball
    On That”. Instead, here they come “Bragging” on “their” NEW DISCOVERY! Wow! Now
    we can be coerced into believing MORE in their idea of “Life On Other Planets”. -M-

  • Vedat Shehu newmindz For instance, “Scientists” KNEW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that “NO Life Exists”
    miles beneath the oceans… for no sunlight gets down that far and the pressures
    are too great and temperatures too extreme. This seemed perfectly “Logical”.
    Everyone(who was a “scientist”) agreed with that conclusion. It was only AFTER
    dumping tons of nuclear waste down there(perfectly safe thing to do based upon
    SCIENTIFIC “knowledge”) that it was discovered that THIS WAS A FALSEHOOD! -M-

  • Vedat Shehu newmindz MortAmor You do understand that “history” goes well beyond our “scientific” era, and that
    “SCIENCE” of the time. And by the way, MUCH of “Our Science” has PROVEN TO BE
    MYTHOLOGICAL(…”FALSE”, UN-true, and WRONG) as well!

  • Vedat Shehu “words” are symbols created by men… as are the letters themselves… as are the uttered sounds these letters “symbolize… EVERYTHING IS SYMBOL! …symbolic representations of “perceived” reality… which are themselves useful tools allowing us to make “our” own perceptions “recognizable” unto others… but recognition ONLY occurs when it can be hinged unto those “ORIGINAL” symbols as a foundational reference point.  -M-

  • The gods are symbols created by men and as every symbol even the Jehovah a symbol of Hebraic Monotheism translated in all monotheist languages as God, is respectable symbol, but who thinks that God creates and introduce in society events is a greatest liar, or ignorant.

  • newmindz MortAmor  Every creation attitude in any scientific theory is a negation of real knowledge, an artistic fiction as is every myth with a multitude gods and suns of gods with remained one that changed end entered the world for 14 centuries from scientific civilization to the dark age, until reborn classic knowledge known as Renaissance, an Epoch that continues. Who in science speaks about creation makes efforts to replace Middle Dark Age.  About Creation are dome preys in the different religions’ institutions.

  • newmindz

    MortAmor Very profound, and one of the best explanations that answers a lot of questions at once. Thanks for sharing, cheers!

    .  take the dot as being a point of focussed attention(attention IS energy) and this energy is ALL directed toward and into the area of that one and only spot(this situation could be visualized as a puffer-fish or an asterisk * or a “star in reverse”)  A “breakthrough” finally occurs INTO and INWARD causing “that space” to BECOME “this” universe… “expanding outward” in all directions(although when being understood from the Originating vantage point it would be more akin to the “black hole”) This now manifests as an “outward” expansion, unrestricted by anything. This energy of motion and velocity being unrestrained(using Einstein’s Relativity Theory converted into an equation for “matter”)  would begin creating/producing “matter/material”… and this material would be fiery, hot, and then molten appearing spherical in shape. The initiating energy shoots out in all directions(albeit “in” to “that” spot/point) expanding into the universe as we know it. The SUN is a reference point of that initiating force which produced the expansion. Inside that sun is the cooled, crust of materials created. And matter still is being created by that force of motion expanding outward, an energy manifested as solar wind and light. We, on the other hand, are placed in the position of the “outside looking in” perspective(“God’s viewpoint”) and the energy manifests itself as “Gravity”, still “pulling/falling” INTO that POINT of creation which appears unto us as the Earth. Beneath our very feet this “creation of matter” is still an ongoing occurence which explains the “expansion” of the Earth. The relationship between the Sun and Earth is “Familiar” as well as “Family”. We(the Earth) are intimately connected unto the Sun. The reason that “sunspots” and numerous “earth based events” are intimately entwined/related is for this very reason. We(the Earth) are the purposed benefactors of this sequence of events(stemming from only ONE EVENT) and are “on the outside” spiritually and yet “appear on and within the inside” of everything(the universe) physically. Therefore, “technically speaking”, as we walk upon the “expanse” of heaven the very “contraction” which allows/causes it to occur goes on beneath our very feet. Stars and other “spherical” phenomenon are sympathetic occurences, “bulging” into existence due to the expansion’s increasingly relentless pull of vacuumic force. Invertedly, the “perception” of “reality” we experience “here” on earth as being “centered” within the “universe”, in actuality verifies this…”what’s up is down” and “what’s in is out”… fig. 8 for infinity sign/symbol and the “0” above is sun, the “0” below is earth. -M-

  • eyebeam parkham  Original silicate crust of the continents was covered by a thick suit strata of the sedimentosphere, which was formed along a gradual process , and we might seek it at the scientific branch “Historical Geology”,

  • eyebeam

    parkham on the surface of the earth. We know that all continental crust was underwater for millions of years

  • parkham  Do you know that Oxygen is main dominant element produced by the nucleosynthesis and does form main molecular compounds: 1) fluids  (water, carbon dioxide, etc, and hard compounds (silica and silicate rocks). Furthermore,  the fluids, differently from hard compounds, are concentrated in some planets depending on properties of he fluid components and of size of the planet and orbital conditions. IN Earth’s conditions the oxygen-hydrogen compound is in proper condition to be accumulate in the deeper morfosructures of the Earth’s surface and form oceans. In Venus proper conditions are oxygen-carbon compound, it is why the carbon dioxide forms gigantic thick atmosphere. Do, is not need to ask, were was all the carbon dioxide in Mars or in Mercury. In addition, according to the Geotheory of mine, the certain sort of the nucleosynthesis occurs even in the planets producing chemical elements and energy. It is why the Earth is in growing process.

  • parkham

    Where was all the water when the earth was 80% of its current size?

  • Mac Longmountain

    Excellent! Thanks. Your
    comment is of highest levels. I am obliged to add:
    My theory does not fit with
    Expansion, because it, there within the core energetic structure, has found  the
    source of the Earth’s formation, geodynamic development and growth, named by me core
    kernel. Then, theory of The Electric Universe of Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott has
    to explain matter transformation within the energetic structure of the Earth’s core.
    Let they argue that core kernel of mine products an electric plasma, which is
    reconstructed in atom-molecular matter and in physical fields. Every cosmic
    hypothesis must cross the Earth’s core energetic structure.

  • katesisco Vedat Shehu eyebeam PadmaDrago  Firstly must be explained why in a galaxy in endless space exists a planet, which has a mid-planetospheric mass in melted state among two planetospheres in solid state; it covers the central solid sphere, and is covered from the outer solid center-spherical sphere. Without an explanation how is produced physical fields from this melted mid-planetary geosphere, can not be correctly explained relevant fields of Proxima Centaury or of our Sun.

  • katesisco

    Vedat Shehu eyebeam PadmaDrago
    MilesMathisdotcom has very interesting papers you might enjoy reading.  Mikes proposes a universal ‘charge field’ that every cosmic body recycles.  Electrons are spun up photons. 
    The 2015 electric Universe conference had M Steinbacker speak on the accumulation of ‘mass’ from above which resulted in mountains. 
    There is the theory of the ‘Three Worlds” in which Earth gained mass and moved further away from the sun each time. I wonder if the sun could actually be losing mass as if it was a donor of electrons?  So the sun would be shrinking instead of the Earth moving outward. 
    Currently the hype is on an interloper body bringing change to the solar system.  If that is true could it be Proxima Centauri incurring perhaps a magnetar itself?  The current ‘dark sun’ in the sky could be just a magnetic refraction of our own Sol and planets.  Science claims galactic lensing is gravitational but I believe it is magnetic of which Proxima Centauri could be the local example being a magnetar.

  • Do you explain the essence of the Earth’s structure; just
    mid-Earth geosphere in a melted state (known as outer melted core) among two
    solid geospheres (known as mantle and inner core)? The theory of mine explains
    it. In the base of melted geosphere is positioned
    a geo-spherical hearth, where is burning a cosmic fuel, the core kernel producing
    energy (physical fields)and by-product of atom-molecular matter of the growing

  • eyebeam PadmaDrago 

    Do you explain the essence of the Earth’s structure; just
    mid-Earth geosphere in a melted state (known as outer melted core) among two
    solid geospheres (known as mantle and inner core)? The theory of mine explains
    it. In the base of melted geosphere is positioned
    a geo-spherical hearth, where is burning a cosmic fuel, the core kernel producing
    energy (physical fields)and by-product of atom-molecular matter of the growing

  • eyebeam

    PadmaDrago Not really. As the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic Ocean basins spread wider, they push against the continents, forcing mountain ranges to rise up in the middle.

  • eyebeam meemoeuk  Gigantic conclusion: Magma is produced within the Earth’s amazing, energetic structure and causes the Earth’s growth.

  • eyebeam lambertjamesd 

    You are right, if we
    consider the Earth’s core a plane precipitate inert mass and the Earth’s
    permanent generation of the magma as a result of chemical reactions. On
    contrary, my theory has as the basic criterion reality that magma is generated
    within the core amazing energetic structure. If we start from the fact that the
    30% of the Earth’s mass forms the mid-geosphere in a melted state between the
    central solid geosphere named inner core, and the outer silicate geosphere in
    solid state named mantle and lithosphere, surely, we have to conclude that
    between central solid gesosphere and melted geosphere is positioned geospheric
    layer of the cosmic fire, i.e., in transformable process heating the melted
    geosphere and produces the magma.

  • eyebeam lambertjamesd 

    Only a language correction in order to be reinforced true laconic
    scientific interpretation above
    Do you know the essence of Earth structure and what factor
    did it run and hold it in a function?It
    is essential to know and then to interpret our planet as only one in a certain orbital
    position of a star in a galaxy in reaching radius of the space observation
    about 45 billion light-years, and father to image yourself that we are aliens toward
    other intelligent creatures developed, at least in one planet of the every
    galaxy having its orbital position of the Earth. Furthermore, let’s evaluate
    the Earth’s structure as in reality it is, a cosmic planet. Under our view angle
    of phase state of the matter, the Earth’s structure is of three basic
    geospheres; one melted in the mid of the two rigid: 1) mid-planetary geosphere
    in melted state, known as liquid outer core; 2) center-planetary geosphere in a
    rigid state, known as inner solid core; 3) outer dominant planetary cover of
    rocky silicate geosphere in a rigid state, known as rigid mantle of the core.Then, we have needed to think: why – and –
    how this middle geosphere is in melted state?Let’s have it our homework. Orientation: melted ore in a blast furnace, from
    what side it gets its heat to melt and to be in melted state, from outside or
    from inside? Using this orientation, we must judge what fuel is burned and
    where it is positioned to keep the mid-planetary geosphere in melted state, and
    to deliver magma as additional mass of the silicate cover of the core, and so

  • eyebeam lambertjamesd 

    Do you know essence of Earth structure and what factor
    caused it and runs hold it function?

    It is essential to know and then to interpret our planet as
    only one in certain orbital position of a star of an galaxy in reached radius
    of the space observation about 45 billons lightyears, and that we are aliens
    for other intelligent creatures developed at list one planet having orbital
    position of the Earth. Furthermore, et’s
    evaluate the Earth’s structure as in reality is, of a cosmic planet. Its
    structure is of three basic geospheres: 1) mid-planetary melted geosphere,
    known as liquid outer core; 2) center-planetary rigid geosphere known as inner solid
    core; 3) outer dominant planetary cover of rocky silicate geosphere, known as
    mantle of the core. Then, we have needed
    to think: why – and – how this middle geosphere is in melted state?Let’s have it our homework. Orientation: melted
    ore in a blast furnace, from what side get heat to melt and to be in melted
    state, from outside or from inside? Using this orientation we must judge what
    fuel is burned and where is positioned to keep the mid-planetary geosphere in
    melted state, and to deliver magma as additional mass of the silicate cover of
    the core, and so on.

  • eyebeam

    lambertjamesd eyebeam The dinosaurs evolved after the continents had already started to rift; as well, the largest dinosaurs are believed to have been swamp-dwellers, partially supported by the buoyancy of their bodies. So there is not necessarily a linear relationship.
    I presume you meant “A smaller earth with the same mass would have a greater force of gravity at the surface.” The serpentinization reaction is water combining with peridotite, the main component of mantle rocks The extra mass comes from the water as it hydrates iron and magnesium silicates into magnetite, silica, serpentine, and hydrogen gas, along with a large amount of heat. 

    Since the water was already on the earth, mass was just being transferred from the water to the rock, increasing the volume of the rock 30-40%. As the rocks expanded and cracked, allowing water to penetrate deeper, the deepest rocks would be constrained from expansion by the weight of overlying rocks. Immense stresses in the crust would have caused rifts to form, allowing fresh peridotite-bearing mantle rocks to rise into the widening spaces, exposed to more water, continuing the serpentinization process.

  • eyebeam

    meemoeuk eyebeam I was about to edit that because I should have said “tectonic rifting”; obviously, Olympus Mons is a sign of tectonic activity.

  • eyebeam

    meemoeuk eyebeam Mars has a small quantity of subsurface water that flows. But not enough to drive plate tectonics to the degree they operate on Earth.

  • Besnik Shehu

    Vedat Shehu electrobleme PadmaDrago  Please see the last publication of mina;
    The Earth’s Core, An Energetic Cosmic Object Paperback – March 31, 2016 by http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=dp_byline_sr_book_1?ie=UTF8&text=Prof+Vedat+Shehu+Ph.D.&search-alias=books&field-author=Prof+Vedat+Shehu+Ph.D.&sort=relevancerank (Author)
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    #adoptedDataContainer .courseColumn {
    #adoptedDataContainer .textRow {
    Price New from Used from Paperback, March 31, 2016 “Please retry” $12.99 http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/1512290874/ref=tmm_other_meta_binding_new_olp_sr?ie=UTF8&condition=new&qid=&sr=

    <div> Here, is argued that the Earth’s core is an energetic cosmic object, a sun-like star in miniature, because in the core’s amazing structure runs a transformable kernel. The core kernel is composed of ultradense cosmic matter in a state of spontaneous disintegration, positioned as an ultrathin center-spherical screen somewhere between the inner solid core and the outer melted core. The core kernel transformation releases energy, including heat, and also produces atom-molecular matter as an addition to the mass of the Earth. The presence and role of the core kernel is not just a guess of the author, but a scientific conclusion based on facts. It is an extension of the earlier standard framework, when some newer facts were not known, especially, the growth of oceanic crust, as evidence of growth of the Earth… The Earth’s core kernel was one amongst multitudes of burning kernels in the solar nebula originated from an explosion of the supernova type. These kernels triggered the calm cosmic cloud, and turned it into a swirling solar nebula, and further into a planetary disk. These burning kernels became the cores of the potential planets orbiting the newly formed gigantic core, the Sun. So, the Earth’s core was gradually covered by silicate matter produced by its kernel, and matter attracted from space. This theory could revolutionize the world outlook, and research in the Earth and in the cosmos.</div> <em></em>

  • electrobleme PadmaDrago  Gravitation? – It is result of a certain cosmic  matter transformation in the nucleus of energetic cosmic object, as is the core of the Earth, farther the core kernel. A plain object, having not energetic kernel to produce physical fields has not is own gravity, but has inductive gravitation, is gravityzed and attracted.

  • electrobleme Mack71  OK, the subsequently incoming magma stiffened and become rocky crust, which cannot grow either is continental or oceanic. The Earth’s continental crust has been grown by the additional magmatic incomings the first billions years, so the newly incoming magma of oceanic type was positioned between previously stiffened magma of another type the continental one. So entire earth crust has been grown, and is currently in growing process along global mid oceanic faults, which once have broken continuing global crust. Conclusion the continuing crust growth means that the rocky silicate shell of the core is in continuing growth. Surely, for the standardized Earth origin as an accumulated mass of the cosmic dust and debris the real rocky silicate growth is unacceptable. So, in the theory of mine are reintegrated all old and new data and discoveries including basic interpretations along fallowing way. Is considered necessary to determinate the running mechanism of the growth just at bottom spherical belt of the melted outer core. Just earth energy must be released from the bottom of the melted mass, to heat it. and to supply it with magma as additional mass for growing process. So this theory of mine is not a hypothesis, it is scientific conclusion. Further more I have concluded; “Who does not know  the energetic structure of the Earth’s core, cannot interpret cosmos”, and further “The core kernel energetic transformation overturn Big Bang’ s cosmic sky as a plain myth, which was mathematized
    Vedat Shehu, author of the last edition:

  • SalihKircalar

    John David Best has his web site Vida ?nstitute. He put my articles page in ‘Timeflow Theory’ ‘http://vidainstitute.org/?page_id=656’. Vida Institute is intersting site. And my web site is http://www.timeflow.org/

  • lambertjamesd eyebeam 

    Furthermore, already is time that we must base in the
    energetic core of the Earth causing Earth Growth in order to overturn Big Bang,
    which pretends that has calculated that the Center-cosmic Sky, with Earth and
    all things inside, has been created at once some billion years ago as a
    gigantic burst of a singular material point without dimensions, without position
    in space or with space coordinates zero. Who calculated this event and how?
    Surely, some current super-potent astrologists under influence of theological teachings
    did attempt with all efforts to adapt within our advanced scientific
    achievements the ideology of the creation Intelligent Project. Factually
    Intelligent project is the Middle-Age
    Biblical Creation of the Geocentric Sky – calculated by clergyman that creatormakes the light, matter, space, life , lawful
    processes and phenomena some thousands
    years ago. Those astrologists are very capable in using not only mathematics
    and computer-modeling but also psychological state of people and their tendency
    to believe in the scientific fiction as to be science.

  • lambertjamesd eyebeam 
    The Earth is grown, and it is not argued by the gigantism of the dinosaurs. It is result of specific nucleosynthesis occurring in the Earth’s core structure positioned as ultra-dense ultrathin spherical sheet above the inner solid core somewhere at bottom belt of outer melted core. This sheet is core kernel and  through its transformation is formed atom-molecular matter, that is magma, and energetic fluxes  including thermic fluxes. It is original property of all planets and planetoids, regardless of level of kernel consumption, for example in the Moon is at end of its disintegration, when in Jupiter is in its full activity, for it speaks the intensive magnetic and other radiations.

  • UltraParadigm

    VedShehu Thank you for this alternate theory and all the research you have done.  This is awesome.

  • UltraParadigm

    lambertjamesd eyebeam Good point but you made a flaw.  The earth is 4.567 billion years old.  Dinosaurs would have been created billions of years after the earth meaning that there was plenty of time for the earths size to be relatively the same as it is now when the dinosaurs were around.

  • Mac Longmountain 




    A Laconic Presentations –

    The pivot of my theory of the Earth’s growth is a re-integration of the main facts in order to determine that the source of the energy causing the geotectonic phenomena runs inside Earth’s core since planet-formation epoch. It means that if the current function of the Earth’s core structure would not be known, even the theory of planets’ and stars’ origin would remain without real starting point and the reasoning would enter into wrong trend and reach to unreal conclusion. This theory of mine is an extension of the earlier standard framework, which has been conceived when many newer facts were not known, especially, the growth of oceanic crust, as evidence of growth of the Earth. This evidence points directly to the need to shift the standardized concept of the energy release, from the stony inert silicate shall of the core, into the energetic structure of the core, and not as only the heat’s source but also as the source of the particles and sub particles, which do newly build the atom structure of atom-molecular shape of matter as additional mass to the Earth’s growth. So, in order to argue that the Earth’s energetic source is somewhere within the core’s structure has been integrated the Earth’s inner phenomena, particularly the oceanic crust growth, with two radical problems still unsolved; firstly, what generates the Earth’s perpetual energy, when needed energy, as it is accepted by the standard, is not argued by both supposed ways of its production, on one side originally produced from gravitational collapse of the cloud’s gaseous-dusty mass through Solar System formation, and on another side produced from decay of the deficient radioactive isotopes; secondly, what triggered the calm cosmic nebula to get the swirling rotation and to become a solar system.

    So, according to Einstein’s determination “energy is matter”, is argued that both shapes of the matter, in shape of the energy and in shape of the atom-molecular bonds must be produced inside the Earth’s core since the planet-formation epoch. Here, an unusual problem goes out that needs a solution: What is and how runs, within the core, the mechanism expressing the unity of both matter shapes, atom-molecular shape and the shape of the energetic fluxes known as Einstein’s “matter-energy equivalence”? Very probably, the running mechanism is composed from none of these two shapes of the matter. Let’s see.

    In this theory, Einstein concept definition that “mater is energy” has meaning that matter is of particles and ultra-particles, which in our environment are manifested in atom molecular shape and energetic wave- corpuscular shape. While in cosmos is argued ultra-dense shape. Then, in the core ought to run a mechanism of a certain cosmic shape of matter, which is disintegrated in particle and sub-particle of both these shapes. It must be ultra-dense matter shape.

    The concept that the Earth’s inner energy is produced from the core has met the natural resistance of the interpretations on defense of the standardized traditional theory of Earth’s origin that, Earth, after consolidation, remained in fixed size, and that the core, as an inert precipitate of the heavier components, cannot contain energy source. So, this resistance is represented by Plate Tectonics which explain the growth of ocean crust as partial phenomenon of the circulating silicate mass from upward stiffening to downward melting. Furthermore, the theory of Earth Expansion, only theory opposing the current standard theory of fixed Earth size, consequently argues that the oceanic crust growth reflects, without equivoques, Earth’s enlargement in size, but Expansion, without an acceptable causable mechanism, remains without required force to face with authority of the fixed Earth’s size reconfirmed by the standardized Plate Tectonics, and so Expansion remained as a disdained theory.

    Above all, around 60 % of the crust of the terrestrial globe (i.e., oceanic crust) is newly grown among 40% fixed crust (of the continental blocks). Such ratio 3 to 2 is demonstrative fact that Earth is growing, regardless of Plate Tectonics opposite attitude done by artifices. Conclusively, based in this remarkable fact and in Expansion’s evidences, is no need to bring more details why Earth grows, but what causes the Earth’s growth. Let’s see the arguments of the existence and function of the grown mechanism within the core.

    Already we consider that was argued that Earth is in growing process, and that this process cannot occurs in core’s stony shell, but inside the core, and not from a certain structural part of the core, but from ultradense ultrathin core kernel undetectable by tomography of the core, but argued through scientific reintegration of old and new data arranged in the framework of the standardized theory of planetary origin. Hence the Earth Growth is presented here in Figure.

    As pointed out previously in this scientific paper, the Earth’s core makes the Earth, and, by its role, is connected directly with geological phenomena and processes, while by its origin, is linked to star-formation processes. Along integration of the Earth’s core data and related evidence from various scientific fields, is not so difficult that we could not see evaluation of the core energetic structure, and some natural connections of global tectonics theories with fundamental studies in the quantum field?¹??, in particle physics???, and in astrophysics. Very deficit in understanding common origin of solar system is separation of the energy source in stars from that of planets. Every planet or planet-like body is developed by its own source of energy similar to the nucleoosynthesis, but according to the Earth’s core structure. Consequently, it has come to view that the Earth’s core, as a demonstrative energetic cosmic object, is underestimated, and considered as a plain precipitate from the silicate mass. Then let us now restressed that core originate from core kernel transformation, and consider the matter transformation of the core kernel a cosmological problem connected with planets and stars formation.

  • Mac Longmountain

    All that Matters is missing knowledge on this hypothesis to prove or debunk.
    We can no longer imagine the earth under seveire kosmological stress. Every day scientists are flaberguested about the emerging realities in front their very own eyes. They even are very restrained when confronted with an outcome they didn’t expect. Controversies have proven to be disastrous for personal career. Controversial statements logically are the target of mainstream intellect. You attack the fundaments on which their lifetime research is based.
    The last 10 years of his life, Einstein was struggling. He knew he overlooked someting. Something boyond his imagination. We spent 100 years to confirm his gravitational waves. Hopefully we will not overlook what he over looked before we are confronted with it, in a dramatical way.
    The theory of an expanding earth is debunked by lack of matter. Furthermore because of the movement of tectonic plates. At this moment.
    Everyone who is provoking new hypothesis’s in a cynical way to persist on their own realities, in fact is blocking the way of development. Although I can imagine the personal loss of s.o. who spend his life on prooving something that seems not to be realistic over night, is very hard to accept. Atmitting is a difficult emotional step for every human being. Imagine you are working yourself to peices for 40 years. All over sudden your direction of thinking, turns out to be of non issue at all! Feelings of failure will take over. Fight of flight emotions will take over. Admission won’t be acceptable. A logical human reaction.
    But taking Einsteins reconsiderations in mind after 10 years of struggling, and the fact he valued part of the hypothesis of Immanuel Vilokovski, more and more serious after 10 years of struggling. I suggest to reconsider reality.
    Scientists as Wallace Thornhill are allready trying to pave ‘this road of thinking’ for a long time. Researchin his hypothesis is worth wile. It might be an eyeopener for everyone who alienates the probabity that the earth is exlanding. Btw not in a gradual way. But at a single moment in time!

  • meemoeuk

    >Mars also currently lacks water
    It lacks surface water now and in the past. But it will have lots of subterranean water and oil.
    >there is no current tectonic activity on Mars.
    there is, but its much slower than Earth.Valles Marineris is a tectonic rift.

  • lambertjamesd

    eyebeam The earth needs to be increasing in mass for the evidence to make sense. A smaller earth with the same mass would have a larger mass so we would expect dinosaurs to be smaller because of it. Stronger gravity limits the maximum size animals can grow to. Since the dinosaurs were much larger, that would indicate lower surface gravity meaning the earth has increased in mass.

  • VedShehu

    Yours interpretation is correct only in framework of serpentinization in the Earth. Essence of tectonic activity is related to planetary object’s inner energetic radiation as magnetism and electromagnetism including heat radiation. when the object radiats inimportant magnetism, as Mercury, the volcanic activity and tectonic movements are in lowest level, and when magnetic activity is not distnctable the volcanic activity and tectonic movemnts are absent as Monn and Mars are. THe internal processes of a certain cosmic objects are related to cosmic processe of matter transformation occuring in the object’s core. Energetic source of the object’s core originate from gigantic intragalactic explosion of supernova or hypernova type, by which is recicled matter from the stars to the gigantic ultradense massive explodaple object and vv.
    This is laconic presantation of the essentials of the theory of the matter transformatio in Earth;s core kernel: Earth’s core, a star-like Sun in miniature inside its shell, while the sun is a gigantic bare core.

  • eyebeam

    It occurs to me that there is no current tectonic activity on Mars. Mars also currently lacks water, but we know that at some time in the past, it had water. Tectonic activity is most active in areas where the crust is exposed to water. The action of water on deep mantle rocks forms serpentine, a mineral that expands in volume. I have suspected that the mechanism of expansion may be due to seawater water seeping into fractures and reacting with the mantle, causing the formation of serpentine minerals that expand in volume. This expanding volume tends to push the fractured areas apart, allowing more seawater in, to continue the process. At certain places where a section of crust slides under another, subduction occurs, which introduces more water into the mantle, forming hot magma and mineral expansion, pushing up mountains and volcanoes.

  • humblejewishman

    How would this theory work if the earth was a flat plane with the north pole in the center and Antarctica around the edge of the circle?

  • VedShehu thanks for sharing the information about your Growing Earth theory book. Will you be releasing a cheaper ebook version?

    It has been added to the other books, and some free PDF’s, in the Expanding Earth theory book store http://www.xearththeory.com/shop/

  • VedShehu

    The Earth grows, it doesn’t expand.
    Growth and expansion are two different notion. The
    first is result of the inner cause running inside of the thing that is growing
    by a certain process of matter transformation as, for example a peach fruit, a
    tree trunk, etc. The second is not
    result of certain natural process, and it seems as inflation, for example,
    inflation of a ball, or inflation of a state by expansion force, etc. So, the
    my specific theory is originally presened under title “The Growing and Developing
    Earth”. It is related with two problems. The first is what generates earth
    perpetual energy causing, between geodynamic processes, the oceanic crust growth
    and the continental displacement. The second is what triggered the gaseous
    dusty cloud to become dynamic nebula of the planetary disc of solar system. So,
    the procees causing the Earth’s growth runs inside its core since planet-formation
    epoch. See:

  • Mack71

    Nice explanation lambertjamesd yeah er well put 😉

  • lambertjamesd

    Don’t know for sure how the earth is expanding, but there are clues.

    1. The growth is exponential (verified by geology and paleontology)
    2. The increase of volume is due to an increase of mass (dinosaur size indicates this)
    3. Almost all the new mass is added inside the planet (you don’t have to dig that far to reach fossils millions of years old, that same time the earth nearly doubled its radius)

    The exponential growth means that the rate of expansion depends on the current size. This could mean a more massive earth attracts more matter with more gravity, a larger planet is a also a larger target collecting matter faster, or both.

    Since we know the earth was less massive before we can rule out expansion by change of density and the hollow earth theory

    So the expansion appears to be the result of matter being collected by earth over a large span of time. We do know earth collects space dust from the surface but it only accounts for a few small outer layers and cannot explain expansion that is coming from the core. My best guess is that neutrinos from the sun, and possibly other undiscovered particles that have mass, are passing through the earth. A portion of this mass is being captured by the earth and through some unknown process these subatomic particles are being combined into atomic particles, like what happens in a particle accelerator but only in reverse. There is more than enough mass in neutrinos alone to account for the expansion and we know they interact with matter inside the earth.

  • PatrickDonnelly2

    The Earth grew 8 times in volume, twice in radius and 4 times in surface area. The oxygen available did not grow much if at all, but as new crust was made, much outgassing occurred. Animals were used to a certain pressure of oxygen. That was much reduced after expansion. Bigger animals died off.

  • PatrickDonnelly2

    Dr Don Scott said it all a while ago. Halton Arp discovered red shift won a Nobel, but was ignored when he said that matter fills in….
    Sirius is a hot blue, older star. Possibly, Sol came from there? And Sol may be in orbit around Sirius A.
    ROYGBIV. Next stage is Green Sun. Possibly the system gains more planets…. The star heats up and we may move further away. Hopefully, Venus and all new planets stay away from the Earth.

  • planet and mind expanding EU theory stuff, thanks!

    that would be a possible explanation for the size of the dinosaurs and other mega flora and fauna? http://www.xearththeory.com/dinosaurs/

    PatrickDonnelly2 if you do read this again any more on the different sun colours and stages?

  • PatrickDonnelly2

    A Z pinch exists within every star. When we say that Electricity is always accompanied by Magnetism, we are not completely correct. EMF!
    E and M and Force!
    When the earth left the red giant star that we now call Sol, it was because the boundary of the EMF had been moved inwards. The Earth at least, was kicked out. Once it was no longer subject to the Z Pinch, it grew in volume 8 times, in surface area 4 times and 2 times in radius. New crust was formed from the magma welling up from below. The old crust was split and spread across the larger globe.
    When Venus left the Orange stage of Sol, we had a yellow sun.
    The next stage is a Green star. How many planets will be hurled into the current system?

  • How about you all go eat a strawberry and continue on with your real lives and loves? (:

  • Mack71

    @terry and yet its here always has been always will be it does not need your permission to exist it just does it is god and to try and understand god well no buddha no bible can do this it cant be done we can gain greater understanding but no where near total understanding.
    As far as time is concerned weve all been here for a blink of an eye and trying to prove wheter the universe is timeless or not, haha well the lofty ideas of man.

    as for credible position yes it was and is credible thats why i decided to accepted it and then i move on i do not require it to be credible to any judge or courts lol this was my sentient choice as you and others are i hope free to have your choice.
    And somewhere along the line its perpetual motion what ever system, it once boomed into existance to where we are now going faster (so they say redshift or something) out n out i guess untill it dissipates into nothing if indeed its going faster, so iguess it goes boom again unless were led to believe that this is the only universe ever (oops “ever” that perpetual motion thing again) so time what is time did it start? does it exist sure we gave it seconds hours days, labels as such but actual time did we invent it just to try and understand the movement of things and life and death?

    Is time? or is there no past no future the Universe is NOW and just is….

  • meteors are a good mechanism for any planet to gain mass and get thicker. no theory is right or wrong, personally i would say its fun (essential?) to at least test any theory or religion with thought experiments. could the planet itself (mantles, surfaces) be expanding or growing bigger internally?
    theoretically what else could mid ocean ridges that produce sea floor spreading and new rock mean? what other mechanism could make some large land areas rise rapidly?
    the planet earth has a molten metal core because it was an isolated body in space and had to produce its own magnetic field. as flux transfer events, spacequakes and other space plasma things seem to show the planet is not isolated but has current flowing through it in a solar circuit. what could that imply?

  • IndianOutlaw

    Every year the earth is bombarded with tons of pounds of mass in the form of meteors this adds mass. its like when you keep eating Doritos while you tell everyone they are wrong on the internet. you are expanding. wow. Its actually logical when you think of it.

  • Snakelady

    ofcourse it’s growing the Jurassic period is miles beneath us.

  • terry

    If the universe has alway’s existed, wouldn’t it be one vast perpetual motion machine? Not a very credible position Mack71

  • Mack71

    Expanding Universe! expanding into what exactly? sorry dont buy it. Universe is the universe always there everywhere always has been always will be, well thats one of my conclusions i decided to cement in place anyway until i find evedence to the contrary any how.

  • rodneykawecki

    iUniverse Growing Earth Theory (Expanding Earth Theory)

    The Growing Earth or Expanding Earth theory suggests that instead of the supercontinents theory, the planet has expanded from its original supercontinent that was the whole Earths surface.

    Changes in gravity without change in Earths mass (gravity as an electromagnetic force, as science does not know what gravity actually is, they just know what they call gravity does)

    It is my great question that ask ” If the iuniverse is expanding ” does this mean that all matter and celestial spheres galactic alike physically getting bigger and bigger without possibility of notice”? In the bible god talks about the giant = are we growing like giants a long with the planets and stars in the universe as the iuniverse expands? 

    We look at the universe as a Hawkings bubble but Hubble Expanding we observe ourselves on a planets in a galaxy full of planets and stars and it is not unlikely to think that everything in growing as in the Earth Growing Theory. Matter expanding with the space between the galaxies growing farther away from each other – as the universe gets bigger are we also growing a long with it?

  • Mack71

    electrobleme Mack71 Hmm so the idea that our planet has always been its current size but gravity for reasons not yet known has changed?…….No sorry can`t buy that one if the size of the dinosours was the only piece of evidence pointing towards the growing earth theory then yeah but the theory does fit very nicely into other theorys although i know that in the seventies their was a change messured in our gravity as their was in the speed of light, nothing it seems is static.

  • Mack71

    PadmaDrago I dont think the fact was ignored as such i think one of the sugestions for example hmm. how can i explain this, well if you make a fist with your hand and look at it side on or the knuckles may be better and slowly open your hand the smooth skin on your knuckle or back of your hand becomes wrinkled from flat to ridged (well is does on mine being a bit of an old git `n all) no mountains to mountains.
    So the hard crusty continents themselves will not grow but they sit on a sphere that does and as she grows (and the sphere does`nt) the ground will flatten out beneath the continents forceing the once nice curved crusty base to flatten out and buckle and break in the process.

    This to me seems an atractive notion but personally think subduction happens here and there as well as the idea above, hell thats alot of forces involved when your trying to reshape that much rock.

  • I had never thought about the continents balancing out like that, that is interesting, thanks.
    Years ago I read something that said the physical location of all the continents is perfect to allow for the ocean water to circulate around the planet. This helps to give us a fantastic global and a variety of local environments for all sorts of life.
    The scientist said that although it had to be fluke it was an amazing coincidence.

  • BobSteneck

    electrobleme insurrections are not different or dose it make a difference anyway for the heavens don,t exist for there where abouts or in there arena within there acknowledgement inbrene within time  electroblemeBobSteneck

  • BobSteneck a bit like Venus retrograde rotation slowing down by 6 minutes in only 10 years?Expanding Venus? http://www.xearththeory.com/expanding-venus/

  • BobSteneck

    like pregnant she grows before she contracted in exchange of core an mantel it will press tight to rewind cell to reverse orbital spin do derive median within as well    say it as gently as i may she going to give a big one

  • Mack71

    Ok im no scientist by any means but i believe this is just one of the many lies-coverups that exist in our society today so many infact that you can spend years digging out the various aspects of a particular subject and start to realise that their are people out there protecting these lies and releasing various disinfo to keep people chasing their tail, so i spend so much time until i reach my own conclusions then stamp it with either believe or dont believe then stay away from the details of that particular subject and move onto the next. This one i believe it also in my opinion fits in damn well with the electric univers theory which iv`e allso stamped with a believe stamp as well as The Primer Fields video`s on youtube on the first video exspecially shows how we sit in orbit around our sun whilst being pulled into it by gravity but pushed out by electromagetism hence any pushing or pulling by us will not change the orbit of this planet, damn good videos worth a watch.
    Now unfortunatly i do not have this info at hand but remeber listening to a podcast about the various saltilites that mesure in conjunction with each other the size of the planet i think they were actually weather satelites the guy was interested in weather paterns but somehow fell onto this subject and knew a scientist who maintains the software for some of the satelites and asked him if it would be possible carry out the mesurments for the size of the earth to his surprise he yes we already do but we found a descrepency with the data so we patched the software so we would not be bothered by it again!

    Something is only debunked if they want it so or at least they throw alot of energy to makeing it that way.

  • BobSteneck

    SPECTRUM to in frame 
    login lunar longitude   and peck inferiors of sovereign science  and it,s admit tees incan in circumference to model a 7 grain in-pick list within core as spin inpeele as lu in-plan   to set A NEW LIFE as we are witnessing to set life that it may continue to exist and complete please take good care of the new world an all life within

  • lorrewilde

    I want to believe in this theory because it is so beautiful compared to the standard theory. But In Wikipedia it states “By examining Paleozoic material and the Earth’s moment of inertia, it is suggested that the earth’s radius has not changed in the last 620 million years.” How do you reconcile this? Can the findings be debunked?

  • lorrewilde

    I am drawn to the expanding earth theory because it is balanced. The earth always seeks to become balanced. (And all of nature). The plate-techtonic theory is unbalanced with Pangaea sitting there like a huge blob  on the side of the earth. If you look at how the continents are arranged today, they are perfectly balanced. Is this just coincidence?

  • BobSteneck

    I suppose that’s relevant when they teach you what you are to say and read there whats supplied to them and if they don,t agree there not paid some of us where doing and warring before you claimed global warming we where the nuts back then the 3% percent not the ones asking for there funds co2 dose not encompass the problem are earth s membrane need repaired as well look to the deep are earth is rewinding its spring you might say amen you are right 22 nautical miles north of Guam it will be as if a large meteor hit imploded  to sooner dome with north pole shifting 12 deg north a large area the size of Mongolia will rise to 400 feet up

  • Mack71

    er how or why did the dinosaurs and other creatures of the time get so BIG!

  • PadmaDrago

    The growing earth hypothesis ignores the fact that the Himalayas are still growing.

    • PadmaDrago If the earth is growing AND shrinking and has done many
      times in the past, then this could perhaps explain why the Himalayas are
      Also may explain the many, and very puzzling, previous supercontinents?
      Why and how do all the worlds’ continents roam around the
      surface of the earth before all meeting together again to form a
      supercontinent, then for some reason separate again and then create another supercontinent,
      and keep doing this?

  • Mc

    Get psychiatric help today.

  • Taylor Gall

    So I have been thinking, and trying to make sense of something. If matter is produced by a plasma discharge, could it then be so, rather than try to make gold using alchemy practices, such as putting lead into a vial and adding components like sulphur dioxides and trying to created a reaction. That the more realistic way to produce gold would be to try and induce some kind of plasma discharge via lightning or some other means, to then add the two electrons needed to lead, to produce gold.
    I am no expert but would really like your thoughts on that.

  • Suresh Bansal


    • XEarth

      I agree with what you are saying about oil and even gas being created by and in the earth. We are constantly finding the largest newest oil/gas find ever …

      You can include water in that as its found miles under ground in rocks (super deep boreholes in russia and germany) and fossil water.

      Perhaps the electric universe model provides a way for Gaia to power itself and create our fuels. It could also give both positive and negative feedback systems for life and the planet?