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expanding earth theory debunked growingExpanding Earth theory debunked (growing Earth theory) - list of websites, forum discussions, videos and articles that debunk the idea of an expanding Earth.

Expanding Earth theory debunked - videos

Expanding Earth theory debunked - articles,forums,websites etc

expanding earth theory debunked evidenceThe Expanding Earth Debate - Part One and Part Two (thunderbolts.info/tpod)

No Growing Earth, But a Growing Problem with Science Journalism (skepticblog.org)

Expanding Earth Theory debunked and rehabilitated (davidicke.com/forum)

The Nonsensical "Growing Earth" "Theory" (sciforums.com)

No Growing Earth, But a Growing Problem with Science Journalism (skepticblog.org)

The Expanding Earth Animation - Why It Is Really a Plate-Tectonic Animation (geology.about.com)

Expanding Earth Theory (dilbertblog.typepad.com)

Expanding Earth hypothesis (rationalwiki.org)

EXPANDING EARTH? by Bill Mundy, Professor of Physics, Pacific Union College, California, has sections with problems for an Expanding Earth and also Plate Tectonics.

The unlikelihood of an expanding Earth (link to PDF) by A Hallam, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Birmingham, that investigates Lester C King's Wandering Continents and Spreading Sea-floors on an Expanding Earth and H G Owen's Atlas of Continental Displacement, 200 Million Years to the Present.

Expanding Earth vs. Plate Tectonics: The Late Twentieth Century Refutation of the Expanding Earth Theory by Timothy Casey