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expanding earth theory evidence growing Expanding Earth theory evidence or articles, posts, discussions, videos and reports that are positive or at least consider the idea as an interesting proposal and and not on a witch hunt about the Growing Earth theory.

Oceanic crust underlies most of the two-thirds of the Earth’s surface which is covered by the oceans. It has a remarkably uniform composition (mostly 49% ± 2% SiO2) and thickness (mostly 7 ± 1 km).

The ocean floor is the most dynamic part of the Earth’s surface. As a result, no part of the oceanic crust existing today is more than 200 million years old, which is less than 5% of the age of the Earth itself.

New oceanic crust is constantly being generated from the upper mantle by sea-floor spreading at mid-ocean ridges, while other parts of the oceanic crust are being recycled back into the mantle at subduction zones.
Oceanic Crust (British Antarctic Survey)

Also ideas or theories that result from the idea of an expanded Earth, or help with those different theories, for example as the Hollow Earth theory.

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Our growing Earth? (japantimes.co.jp) – journalist Jeff Ogrisseg investigates the Expanding Earth evidence

Is the Earth Expanding and Even Growing? (worldnpa.org) discussion on the evidence of the Expanding Earth theory from David de Hilster

Expanding Planets (expansion.geologist-1011.net) – Timothy Casey’s website who is a Geologist

The Expanded Earth (wincom.net/earthexp) – lots of pages investigating many different areas of the growing earth theory

Plate Tectonics and the Expanding Earth (geologynet.com) – R.A.Kanen looks at the evidence to explain the puzzle of Plate Tectonics and which current scientific theories have the best fit to solve the problem

Video above is the original Neal Adams – Science: 01 – Conspiracy: Earth is Growing! (youtube.com) that shows his views and Expanding Earth theory evidence

The Earth is growing and expanding rapidly (expanding-earth.org) evidence put forward by Lawrence S. Myers for the Earth is growing and expanding rapidly by external accretion (meteorites, dust and solar energy) and internal core expansion (by gravitationally induced heating)

Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth theory (Growing Earth theory) (dinox.org) – Stephen Hurrell website based on his book and using evidence of the giant size of Dinosaurs amongst other scientific facts

The Expanding Hollow Earth Theory (hollowearththeory.com) and the The Hollow Earth radio interview on Coast To Coast about Kevin Taylor and Matthew Taylor’s ideas of an Expanding Earth combined with the Hollow Earth theory

Yes! The Earth is Expanding. Part 1 of 14 (youtube.com)

Yes, the Earth is Expanding! (bibliotecapleyades.net) Extract of Geologist Dr James Maxlow of his research into our expanding Earth, refuting the popularly held theory of plate tectonics

Expansion Tectonics Explained (jamesmaxlow.com)
website by James Maxlow

Fixed-Earth and Expanding-Earth Theories — Time for a Paradigm Shift?

EXPANDING EARTH? by Bill Mundy, Professor of Physics, Pacific Union College, California, has sections with problems for Expanding Earth theory and Plate Tectonics. It also has a section on EVIDENCE FOR EXPANDING EARTH.

  • DenisFortier could any planet turn into a sun or star?

    Our gas giant planets in any other solar system would technically be a dwarf star (brown dwarf star) (low surface temperatures and sizes). The only reason science does not call them stars is because we can physically observe them and theory believes them to be gas giants.

    So could any planet that for some reason creates a thick warm gas atmosphere be considered a dwarf star and a potential sun?


  • VedShehu

    Notion Earth Expansion is nonsense, as is Universe Expansion. Basic concept is ” matter transformation” in Universe and in Earth>  onclusively The Eath is in growing process from cosmic matter ransformatin within the Earth’s energetic structuure. Who does not know the Earth’s core structure and its function cannot interpret eath processes connected by its planetary origin and star formation process linked with matter circulation in universe.

  • DenisFortier

    Has anyone ever studied the possibility of earth  turning into a sun ? every living thing makes fuel there hole lives and upon death .bombs do come from the ground oil gas.. .nickel coper uranium are never mined  very far from each other . just wandering???

  • Essence
    of the core of the Earth – Is the
    Earth’s core formed through such simple way as the physical phenomenon points
    to us that heavier objects in a poolare
    going with faster speed toward the bottom, and we would agree with still
    current explanation that core Fe-Ni components have been precipitated as heavier
    mass in the bottom (when the Earth-planet has not bottom, but center), and
    stays since its formation, (since planet-formation epoch 4.55 billion years
    ago) in inactive rest inside its inert silicate (stony, rocky) shall? My answer
    is I wouldn’t,; the core is the most essential part
    of the Earth, and core kernel is most essential part of the core, where occurs
    a certain cosmic shape of matter (not atom-molecular shape as radioactive
    isotopes, which are deficient in Earth and in cosmic dust from which it haa
    origin). Hence I formulated the essential meaning of my theory, plainly
    so: “What would one told about the peach pit (core), if we would know only
    its rind and a bit from its pulp? . . . . . . ;One might even say that our
    planet did not make the core, but rather, the core’s kernel makes the earth,
    our dynamic Earth.” My theory was developed in form of the bbok
    through, and further in some articles, but laconically is presented here:

  • Vedat Shehu:
    The Earth is not Expoanding from nowthing. Expansion means inflation as a ball is inflated. The Earth is grown as everithin is grown from matter transformatiomn. The Earth is grown by core kernel transformation, which is positioned as a geospheric diaphragma in ultrdense state and in ultrathin thickness  between inner solid core and outer melted core. It is originated from supernova explosion inside the planetary cloud, full of such superdense nuclei, which triggered cloud to became the solar system. This way is aplied unity with atom-molecular shape of matter with energetic shape of matter, includin physical fields. Mo see there:


  • smartmathguy

    Evidence for Earth’s non central cog:

  • katesisco

    Our magnetar sun is responsible for the past expansion of the Earth.  The core was heated by solar equatorial emissions –see NASA a star with two poles—-  which only briefly visit Earth today known as ‘a delayed magnetic cycle.’  This is why the heating is a past event.  The energy from ‘ a delayed magnetic cycle’ still visits Earth, particularly noticeable when the energy level fell and did not exit outside Earth’s atmosphere, but remained inside and heated the atmosphere spectacularly.  We, multicellular life, is the result.  As the heat from the event I term the monopole cycle of the sun has continued to decrease, complex life was allowed permanence on the face of Earth.  Our science has noted our past, particularly 20,000 years ago, see ICE AGES by Miles Mathis, when our geology forsook the past and veered into a heated future.  Our future is continued heat and dissapation of H2O leading to a Mars-like world.