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growing earth theory discussion comments

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  • abrogard

    This expanding thing should  be easy enough to test, surely? And it should be possible for us to do our own tests somehow – actually measure the expansion. So how?

    And the seafloor age maps.  The oldest seafloor should be just  before the supposed subduction zones, surely? Because that material has existed for the longest time. If there’s  subduction at a steady rate then the seafloor areas of the smallest size should have the youngest age – because they subduct quicker,  exist for shorter lengths of time.

    I haven’t seen the maps yet. Are there such maps in the free pdf’s?  Should settle the matter.

  • Central volume expands

    In the center of the earth is a large amount of
    trans-uranium elements. As the elements undergo fission there total volume
    As an element undergoes fission it starts as a large mass
    with a small volume. The element then splits losing a tiny amount of mass and
    becoming two or more smaller masses with a greater total volume.
    This has been happening continuously from the time the earth
    started forming.
    Bedrock laid down when the earth had a smaller diameter
    crystalized into that curvature. A core test would show the stress fractures as
    the rock was slowly reshaped to fit the expanded earth.  
    For your consideration.