How are Hole Punch clouds formed?

How are Hole Punch clouds formed? Images of the start of Hole Punch clouds and cloud circles formation.

hole punch clouds start formation circular cloud holes formation hole punch clouds formation creation start explanation circular cloud holes

Hole punch clouds or circular cloud holes are a weather puzzle but do these photographs show how they start forming? Or is this the start of a Crab Cloud being formed?

hole punch clouds formation start creation

The patchy (patch work quilt type) of cloud which seems to be Altocumulus or cirrocumulus is associated with hole punch clouds. You will find in many photos that the hole punch cloud or circular cloud holes appears in them.
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Is the Earth an Electromagnetic Coil, Step up or down Transformer?

Is the Earth an Electromagnetic Coil, Step up or down Transformer?
 earths magnetic poles electromagnetic coil transformer diagram The Earth theoretically has a solid iron metal core (surrounded by a liquid iron metal layer) because back in the day the Earth and all the planets of our Solar System were considered to be isolated objects in the Universe. The theory being that the Earth had no physical exchanges with the rest of the Solar System, so the Earth’s magnetic field had to be produced by and in the Earth itself. Hence the iron core.

It has now been discovered in many ways that the Earth is very much connected in a circuit with the Sun, our Solar System and perhaps the rest of the Electric Universe. Connected by Space Tornadoes (100,000 Amps and 1 million mph speed of twisting plasma), Flux Transfer Events (2 types!) etc. This means that the old model of how the Earth produces its electromagnetic field needs to be reviewed. This includes all the theories and models based on the old idea (theory).
Is the Earth a variation of an electromagnetic coil/transformer system? Connected and energising its Electric Weather Circuit.
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Growing Earth Theory

Growing Earth Theory – is the earth growing or has it grown and shrunk multiple times in our past?

growing earth theory (expanding)

* The Earths Continental Crust (land) and Ocean Crust (sea floor)
are a different material and age

* The Continental rocks are much older than the newer Oceanic material

* Fresh material, which forms the Ocean Crust, is being produced at this moment by sea-floor spreading (expanding?) at the mid-ocean ridges
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