Expanding Earth theory (Growing Earth theory) videos

Expanding Earth theory videos (Growing Earth theory videos)

Neal Adams – Science: 01 – Conspiracy: Earth is Growing!

The Growing Earth Part 1 of 2

The Growing Earth Part 2 of 2

Yes! The Earth is Expanding. Part 1 of 14

James Maxlow – Expanding Earth 2005 Presentation

Explaining the Expanding Earth – With Peter Woodhead

Introduction and discussion of the Growing Earth Theory, not just the Earth Expansion view (podcast ‘video’)

Stephen Hurrell – Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth

Expanding Earth theory debunked videos

Expanding earth my ass

  • firststaronthesky

    you should include here this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swCnPOi5qOU
    It provides a viable mechanism for Earth Expansion