Cloud Arc Structures, Fallstreak Holes and Cloud Circles

Cloud Arc Structures (Cloud Arcs), Fallstreak Holes and Cloud Circles - what are they and how are they formed? Are they related or forms of each other?

Fallstreak Holes (Punch Hole Clouds) produce these strange cloud formations in the center of the cloud hole.

crab clouds with jacobs ladder cloud ( similar to erebus ice tongue) fotos from island of malta antenna cloud or like a grill fotos from crab clouds in malta

A rose by any other name...

Punch Hole Clouds (Fallstreak Holes) that look very similar to baby or start of Crab Clouds

Fallstreak Holes (Punch Hole Clouds) are a very strange weather phenomenon that is not understood.

The photographs at the top are not from a Fallstreak Hole (Punch Hole Cloud) but from a Crab Cloud.

Crab Clouds and natures Erebus Line

antenna cloud or like a grill fotos from crab clouds in malta how do crab clouds form and why do they have a jacobs cloud ladder?

This Erebus Line that is also found in the center of Fallstreak Holes (Punch Hole Clouds) and Cloud Arc Structures was photographed from a cloud structure that had all the features of a Crab Cloud and turned into a Crab Cloud (image below on the left)

The same forces that are creating the central feature in the Fallstreak Holes (Punch Hole Clouds) are very likely to be creating the same effect in the Crab Clouds. The photograph below on the right shows a classic Crab Cloud.

cold air meeting hot air forms clouds.not. crab clouds like the early drawings of the Crab Nebula - photos of these sort of cloud circles or circular shapes in malta

What creates this tight line of cloud with other cloud lines attached to it? Are there anything else in nature like it? What are they called? Jacobs Ladders, Cloud Ladders, Cloud Angels, Erebus Lines?

The Crab Cloud shown above is slightly different to the other Crab Clouds seen in Malta but has similar cloud phenomenon. The Erebus Line or Cloud Ladder that is seen in Fallstreak Holes (Punch Hole Clouds) and the 'legs' or feeler power lines. This one resembled more of a Dragonfly Cloud than a Crab Cloud but has the same structure.

A thorn by any other name...

cloud arc structures cas satellite images punch hole clouds cloud arc structures

These satellite images look like Fallstreak Holes (Punch Hole Clouds) or Cloud Circles with the unusual cloud structure in the middle or attached to the outside of the circle.

punch hole clouds cloud arc structures large fallstreak holes cloudarcstructures cas

Things in an Electric Universe are scalable. From Hurricanes to Spiral Galaxies. The images above are not Fallstreak Clouds (Punch Hole Clouds) or Crab Clouds but are Cloud Arc Structures. These are massive cloud circles, rings of cloud, yet in the middle of them is the same cloud phenomenon that you can see in Fallstreak Holes (Punch Hole Clouds) and attached to Crab Clouds.

It is interesting to observe the form of the sea surface under the "Cloud Arc" structure.
If this structure lies in a sun glint area for the satellite point of view, the brighter lighting of the sea surface from the sun side is seen, so it looks that the water surface which is under the structure would raise a little.
The phenomenon could be explained as follows. The deeply flowing wind is stronger near to the centre of "Cloud Arc" cell. It produces the waves, which reflect the sun light less.
From the other side the water surface could be really sucked upward with the air, which rises in the centre of the cell. The sea surface rises by a very small amount so, that it can be noticed. -

The article on "Cloud Arc Structure (CAS)" is the best out there and includes a number of satellite images. Is the change in air pressure due to air flow or a sign of electromagnetic activity, similar to Meteotsunamis?

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