Cloud Arcs and Cloud Circles

Cloud Arcs, Cloud Circles, Cloud Tendrils and weather power supply lines

what,why, how are cloud weather fronts moved or created? An explanation what,why, how are cloud arc circles structures? Photos (photographs) and an explanation

A weather front formed or moved in from the North and West into a clearing of blue sky with a Crab Cloud in it. There was a Crab Cloud Circle but also a Cloud Arc attached to it.

Did the energy for the weather front come from the Cloud Tendrils and the Dark Cloud Energy line? Was the energy for the front coming from the Crab Cloud Circle or into it?

Are weather fronts pushed or pulled forwards?

What came first? The chicken or the egg?

what,why, how are cloud arc circles structures? Photos (photographs) and an explanation

The Crab Cloud Circle was created or shown by the advancing weather front. Was the Crab Cloud Circle always there but the weather front displayed it? Was the weather front created because of or by the Crab Cloud and its Circle, the circle being the energy or weather potential point?

What was interesting is the Cloud Arc attached to the Crab Cloud Circle but forming an Arc of blue sky, like they were rings attached in a line. Was this another Cloud Circle? Where this Arc of clear sky appeared or was kept clear, there latter formed a cloud shape that you see attached to the edge of a Cloud Arcs.

Weather/Cloud potential or energy lines?

what,why, how are circles in the clouds formed? An explanation what,why, how are weather systems formed or created? An explanation

The image above shows the Crab Cloud at the start with a cloud potental line either attached to it or the energy line that creates it. On the edge of the Cloud Circle this type of Crab Cloud formed, the same as happens with the larger Cloud Arc Structures and with some Fallstreak Holes (Punch Hole Clouds).

But is this a Crab Cloud or one of the attachments? Are they both the same or different? This one has another line cloud in it. Are they just variations of the same theme?

Power Ups

cloud tendrils fotos photos images photographs what,why, how are cloud tendrils? An explanation and photographs
Weather fronts and weather formations tend to have tendrils or lines reaching from or into them. Even Fallstreak Holes (Hole Punch Clouds) show this. Super Cells or storm cells have "fronts" or lines going into or out of them, for example occluded fronts. These look like power lines because they are power lines. Weather systems have to get an energy supply from somewhere and this is one of the main ways.

Power supply

roll cloud line in malta photographs photos images dark energy seen in cloud plasma - energy power system or supply for the cloud circles or weather fronts? dirty ro dusty plasma?

What came first the chicken or the egg? What came first the Crab Cloud or the weather front? Is the Crab Cloud and its circle there because of the weather front or is the weather there because of the Crab Cloud Circle? Where did the energy supply come from? Is the energy going into the Crab Cloud Circle or out from the Cloud Cloud circle?

The photographs above show a Dark Energy line coming from the Roll Cloud or Line Cloud. This line of dark cloud was totally unique in the area at that time. Strange how it was coming from a type of Roll/Line Cloud which are associated with energetic events and is going towards or from the Crab Cloud Circle. Unless it is part of the power/energy supply circuit.

This Dark Energy line resembles the dirty/dusty plasma that is seen off the coast of Malta and on the horizon. Dirty/dusty plasma is associated with Electric Universe events.