Cloud Ladders and Roll Clouds

Cloud Ladders, Roll clouds, Baby Crab Clouds and the Earths local and global electrical weather circuits

weather phenomenon and clouds fotos taken from maltas islands cloud potential lines in the electrical universe

It started as a baby Crab Cloud then stunning weather phenomenon happened around or because of it. Cloud Ladders, Cloud Streamers, Cloud Streets, a Roll Cloud and multiple Fallstreak Holes.

This appears to show that Crab Clouds are part of the Earths electrical weather system and not a separate component. Are they Cloud or Weather Potential Lines in an XEarth (exchanging Earth)?

Crab Cloud or Cloud Circle?

the creation or formation of cloud streets lines weather explained how, what or why are cloud formations formed with an explanation

This is the start of the Crab Cloud, tight white line of cloud with its claws and legs starting to appear. Notice the curling claw, either the line curving or the energy event is starting to display the invisible circle that may be the reason the Crab Cloud is there. Read more about clouds and circles - Fallstreak Holes and Punch Hole Clouds and Cloud Circles - and Crab Clouds.

The Cloud Ladder effect can be seen and on this Crab Cloud it becomes the most notable feature. The Cloud Ladder started at the side then spread out sideways and forwards.

Are Cloud Ladders an effect, cause or do they show what is already there in the sky but can now be seen? Like dew on a cobweb.

Are certain lines, filamentary patterns, low level jet streams always in the sky but weather activity (electrical activity) displays them?

Roll Cloud and circuits

roll cloud potential weather line malta cloud streets lines starting to form photographs - or are they gravity waves or frequencies?

The Cloud Ladder thickened and expanded very slowly to the West (to the left) but also to the South. The cloud inside the Ladder area got thicker over time. In the west (left) there had been billowing clouds but as the Cloud Ladder got larger they appeared to tighten up into a Roll Cloud. Further south the clouds were not so concentrated into a line but were more normal large clouds, although still staying within an area over the land.

The Cloud Streamers seemed to appear from the top of the Roll Cloud or the Clouds that formed above it. A lot of cloud 'appeared', created or seen as the Cloud Streamers grew.

Extension Cloud Ladders and rungs

water vapour trail or path showing the connection between clouds in an electrical circuit in an electric universe why how or what are water exchange cycles in the earths weather

The Cloud Ladder extended to the South and connected with the billowing clouds after the Roll Cloud section. There were water vapour trails in the sky leading from/to the Cloud Ladder (Crab Cloud) to the bank of cloud.

clouds as part of the weather cycle exchange in the earths global weather system mediterranean sea clouds patterns photographs - crab clouds and cloud ladders

As the Crab Cloud ladder extended the clouds inside it got thicker and so did its rungs. The lines of energy or frequency or what ever forms lines in clouds seems to have increased slowly over time, as more energy is put into, taken out or transformed by the energy events.

Cloud Streamers - power lines

cloud streamers, clouds feelers or feeders lines or power lines weather phenomenon and clouds fotos taken from maltas islands

To the North thee was another larger weather system approaching. An arm or power line from it extended towards the area of Crab Cloud (Weather Potential Line?). This seemed to cause the death of the Crab Cloud itself, or, the reduction of the energy event in that precise location.

The Cloud Streamers appeared from the edge of the clouds to the West (left where the Roll Cloud was) towards the power extension line or the edge of the Crab Clouds area. Producing Street Clouds and other stuff. As this happened the Crab Cloud either stopped existing, its structure/energy was reduced or it spread further and wider and was not so concentrated.

Events after this seemed to be created between the interaction of the western bank of cloud (left) and the power extension line coming from the North.

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