Expanding Earth science mission

Sentinel COMETThe surface of our planet is going to mapped in much finer detail as scientists look to find warping of the crustal rock.

The aim of the Sentinel/COMET project is to detect earthquake and volcano movements.

But could the data be used as evidence to prove or deny the Growing Earth and Expanding Earth theories? Or will it always depend on your interpretation of the data?

To be really effective, the team's maps need to be sensitive to movements of about 1mm per year over 100km ... As a proof of principle - and to give an example of what the new system can do - the COMET group showed off its maps of Turkey at AGU.

These capture the 20-25mm/year westwards march of the Anatolian plateau relative to Eurasia.
Sentinels map Earth's slow surface warping | BBC

Sentinel COMET expanding growing earth evidence

Over the next 1-2 years, the resulting ground velocity maps should meet the desired accuracy of 1 mm/yr/100 km to measure strain-rates (10 nanostrain/yr) at a comparable level to current existing sparse regional GPS measurement networks.
G23A-1037: LiCSAR: Tools for automated generation of Sentinel-1 frame interferograms | American Geophysical Union