Crab Clouds

This Crab shaped cloud was photographed off the coast of Malta. Others that were similar also exploded into shape and moved very slowly over to the Mediterranean Sea.

Why did they appear? Why do they have "crab legs" that extended outwards and seemed to be plasma power lines? Did the crab legs extend or did they become more visible? Were they in pairs? What are they?

clouds in crab nebula cloud shape with legs or tendrils tendrils - photographs of these animal shaped clouds taken in malta above the sea water

Crab shaped clouds with legs or power in/out lines?

cloud shaped like a crab with crabs legs that look like power or energy lines that are feeding power into or out of the crab like cloud crab cloud looking like the space Crab nebula. This cloud ttarted in a circle shape then its crab legs appeared and extended outwards

The Crab clouds appeared to start as smaller circle or circular clouds. The crab legs or energy lines moved outwards and the crab clouds body grew in size. The legs moved out sideways and forwards with different types of lines.

Some of the Crab cloud legs were twisting filament types and others were the very tight central bright white cloud line with Erebus Lines (smaller feeder lines) attached to it.

If clouds are due to hot/cold air what creates these twisting filament lines? Why does it look like a central area or transformer with power lines coming into or out of it?

Why are the whispy type clouds (small filaments?) only between the outside legs?

Crab Cloud 2

squid or octopus shaped cloud with tentacles or feelers coming from it

The next Crab cloud to be formed started off as a small blob or circular cloud and its legs slowly extended sideways and forwards. The area between or in front of the crab body started to be criss crossed with whispy filaments and larger twising filaments. The legs out to the side seemed to be the stronger lines. Did they make an oblong or oval shape or were they going towards and connecting up with the first Crab cloud? If you notice that the 1st Crab cloud has its legs pointing inland towards Crab cloud 2, and Crab cloud 2 is extending outwards over the sea towards Crab cloud 1.

Filamentary plasma currents

plasma currents found in clouds or are the filament lines the clouds themselves - plasma currents photographed on earth filamentary power lines seen in a plasma cloud in europe in an Electrical Universe

Plasma is ionised gas (electrically charged) and if clouds are formed through Electric Universe processes (the water vapour itself is a by-product similar to OH on the moon) then are the Crab cloud legs lines of Plasma? A flow of electrical energy into, out or exchanging? Maybe they create a circuit between Crab cloud 1 and 2 as each north and south side have similar types of legs?

clear line from or to a filament in these fresh water crab clouds photographed in malta Cloud ladder or starter cloud streets seen in crab cloud - turned into an Erebus Ice Tongue type line

If clouds are electrical and it is an Electrical Universe then the formation of clouds and cloud phenomenon should have certain similarities and relationships, depending on the type of activity. One of the EU mantra's is that everything is scalable in an Electrical Universe.

The clear corridor in the image on the left is also seen with Hole Punch Clouds (Fallstreak Holes) and in these Crab clouds. Both of these Crab clouds have it on the northern side.

Crab cloud 2 has what looks like a cloud ladder or corrigated cloud effect (gravity waves standard meteorology may call them). These are also seen with Punch Hole Clouds. The may be the start of street clouds, frequencies in the cloud (waves) or the Erebus type feeder lines. They did appear to turn into an Erebus line so the corrigated look may be a partial optical effect.

Baby Crab Cloud or Dragonfly Cloud?

how do crab clouds form and cloud ladders or waves? cold air meeting hot air forms clouds.not.

This cloud formation appeared a few days later. To start with it did not look like a Crab cloud but it had all the signs of being one, a baby Crab cloud. It appeared to be forming from 2 lines of white cloud, one of them very tight, like a mini roll cloud, feeders/tendrils coming off it. There were also the cloud waves but these were either side of the less white cloud line, so looked like an Erebus Line or veins in a leaf coming of the stem. On side of the lines stretched towards the very white and active cloud line.

It grew wider, went out to sea and turned direction slightly, it was then looking like a Crab cloud, with a body and legs. Although this was slightly different in that the middle part was split, making it look more like a Dragonfly shaped cloud.

jacobs ladder clouds, erebus ice tongue clouds or the center of punch hole clouds - fallstreak holes? cloud phenomenon sky holes called punch hole clouds or fallstreak holes

The Erebus Lines section looked very much like the central butterfly shaped cloud images from Punch Hole Clouds (Fallstreak Holes). What do you see? Not what are you told you see? Although you will be told that this is not the case and can not possibly happen just remember that they do not know how Fallstreak Holes are formed, it is just a theory.

In an Electric Universe this makes sense, clouds are a secondary product, they are not the cause they are an effect. Water and water vapour is created by electrical activity. Something is happening in the middle of a Punch Hole Cloud and something is happening on this baby Crab cloud. Both look like energy events.