Is the Earth an Electromagnetic Coil, Step up or down Transformer?

 earths magnetic poles electromagnetic coil transformer diagram Is the Earth an Electromagnetic Coil, Step up or down Transformer?

The Earth theoretically has a solid iron metal core (surrounded by a liquid iron metal layer) because back in the day the Earth and all the planets of our Solar System were considered to be isolated objects in the Universe. The theory being that the Earth had no physical exchanges with the rest of the Solar System, so the Earth's magnetic field had to be produced by and in the Earth itself. Hence the iron core.

It has now been discovered in many ways that the Earth is very much connected in a circuit with the Sun, our Solar System and perhaps the rest of the Electric Universe. Connected by Space Tornadoes (100,000 Amps and 1 million mph speed of twisting plasma), Flux Transfer Events (2 types!) etc. This means that the old model of how the Earth produces its electromagnetic field needs to be reviewed. This includes all the theories and models based on the old idea (theory).
Is the Earth a variation of an electromagnetic coil/transformer system? Connected and energising its Electric Weather Circuit.

The Earth on tilt - Magnetic/Geographical Axis

The wires carrying the electrical current around coils/transformers are slightly twisted at an angle around the mechanism. The Earths Magnetic North Pole is, at the moment, about 11 degrees away from the geographical axis of the Earth and means that the Magnetic axis and the Geographical axis are at a slight angle.

The Earths Jet Streams are normally very strong and fast 'rivers of energised air' flowing around the Earth. Not in a straight line but a wavy undulating line.

Cell Block H - Hadley Cells and Atmospheric Circulation

The Earths Jet Streams are the most obvious natural wires/coils/windings around the Earth but there are others. Atmospheric Circulation has massive "Cells" that move and transport energised air around Earth. These circulate air in different directions.

Earths atmosphere itself is important and shows bandings that can form natural wires/coils/windings. Seasonal changes also increase or decrease the electrical nature of that band. More or less moisture effects the resistance of air, the flow of electricity and its electromagnetic properties (large image of Earth's moisture bands).

There is also perhaps another variation of a "river of energy" and that is the clouds and storm clouds found in the Doldrums themselves, that form around the Equator.

Electrical currents flowing through a wire or through plasma (charged/energised gas) create electromagnetic fields. The air in Earths atmospheric circulation cells move sideways while moving forward. Are these Cells natural wires of energy?

Current events - can you feel it in the air tonight?

The diagram of the electromagnetic fields flowing through an electric coil/transformer shows the general and localised flow of the electromagnetic field. The Earths atmospheric, although still circulating in the same direction in the band, circulate in the opposite direction on opposite sides of the globe. The same as an electromagnetic coil/transformer.
transformer earth electromagnetic fields coils
The Earth appears to be different to the above diagram, it seems to have bands beside each other flowing in the opposite direction. Is there any electric device or circuit that does this or uses something similar?
Step-up and step-down transformers planet earth

Step-up and step-down transformers convert the electromagnetic properties of a circuit. Depending on the how the step-up or step-down transformer is designed (windings, material...) produces different results. Do the great atmospheric cells and the other natural wires/windings circling the Earth use step-up or step-down transformation? Either with the atmosphere Cells, Jet streams, the ocean/land below?

Electrical industrial applications for Bifilar winding (Bifilar Coil) include suppression of back emf (counter emf), releasing energy from a transformer system, creating a reduced magnetic field (less self inductance) etc

Are there many step-up and step-down transformer systems and circuits above, on and in our planet? Do the planets in our Solar System use step-up and step-down transformation circuits? The magnetosphere of each planet touches the one behind it. Are moons part of the process, if they don't have an atmosphere do they use materials that they are made up of?

That Horse has Latitude

Can the Doldrums and the Horse Latitudes be explained electrically? Are these a balance line of the electromagnetic properties or something electromagnetic?

Are there Ayrton-Perry windings, to help with power surges?

Can any of these help to explain those areas with immense amounts of lightning, especially the Catatumbo Lightning (Relámpago del Catatumbo) and Kifuka (mountain village in the Democratic Republic of the Congo). Can this start to explain why lightning occurs so much on Earth and other planets with totally different planet and local atmospheres, soils, weather etc?

Electric Earth

If you wanted to design an Electrical planet then you would come up with something similar to Earth. The atmosphere and weather of Earth is very Electric with billions of volts, millions of lightning strikes, a salty sea covering 7/10ths of the planet, silicon, Flux Transfer Events etc.

Electric Earth - salty oceans

If the Earth has natural "wires" that transport energy then you would expect the salty sea to be part of the energy circuit. It has recently been discovered that the sea does have puzzling and mysterious currents that no one knew about.

transformer earth ocean currents striationsBlue bands represent westward-flowing currents and red bands indicate eastward-flowing currents that move at roughly 1 centimeter per second ... In portions of the Southern Ocean, these striations—also known as ocean fronts—produce alternating eastward and westward accelerations of circulation and portions of them nearly circumnavigate Antarctica. These striations also delineate the ocean regions where uptake of carbon dioxide is greatest.

... “Our finding was so unbelievable that our first proposal submitted to the National Science Foundation failed miserably because most reviewers said ‘You cannot study what does not exist,’” Maximenko said. “The striations are like ghosts. To see them one needs to believe in them. No doubt, armed with our hint, scientists will start finding all kinds of striations all around the world.”
Scientists reveal presence of ocean current 'stripes' |

Not just how does a Gravity Universe and Earth create multi-stripped alternating subtle currents that may go down to the bottom of the ocean but why? Why would they be needed, how do they survive to flow in opposite directions?

How many layers, bands, natural wires, coils/windings are there above, on and in the Earth? In the Earth you have Telluric Currents, are these or other natural Electrical currents in a grid/lattice or criss cross the Earth?

Electric Earth - electricity rocks

An Electric Earth in an Electric Universe should have natural circuits, networks and connections. If the Earth is part of the electric circuit in our Solar System then it will in the larger scale as a component but in the smaller scale it will have its own circuits. Circuits include wires, resistors, capacitors, transformers etc.

The German Super Deep Borehole (KTB) is one of the deepest holes to be drilled into the Earths surface. It had many surprising results. Water was found deep in the Earths crust where theory and mathematical models said it had to be totally dry. The same watery result was found with the Russian Kola Superdeep Borehole | Everything Is Electric. Therefore, it is very likely that water is found in most rock below our surface. Where did the water come from? Not fresh water but salty conductive water.

The scientists at KTB expected deep crystalline rock to be bone dry, but to their surprise, water influx occured at several depths from open fractures...As fresh mud was used for drilling, any saline water inflow would cause a decrease in mud resistivity
The KTB Borehole - Germany's Superdeep Telescope into the Earth's Crust

Combine water with networks of electrically conductive materials and you have either grids, networks, layers and wires in the Earth itself. Also they may act as part of Step-up or Step-down transformers.

Other unexpected results include core and log evidence for a network of conductive pathways through highly resistive rock, and in rock devoid of matric porosity, an ample supply of water.

One of the reasons for choosing the Windischeschenbacksite was to investigate the origin and nature of a low resistivity layer recorded by surface measurements that appeared to be 10 km below the Earth's surface. This is not unique to southern Germany as similar layers are found in many continents around the world.

... But then highly conductive graphite-bearing faults and cataclastic zones were found at various depths up to 7000 m (22,970 ft) ... The results showed that the conducting layer coincided with graphite deposits in a north-south striking fault system - the Nottersdorf fault zone. The faults from this system crossed KTB-VB at about 250 m (820 ft) and KTB-HB at about 1500 m (4921 ft).

The KTB Borehole - Germany's Superdeep Telescope into the Earth's Crust | Everything Is Electric

Rings of Plasma Fire - Planets Halo's

The winding coils around the Earth do not appear to stop there but go high in the atmosphere with the Northern and Southern lights. There are also twisting Birkeland Currents that connect the Earth to the Sun every few minutes and exchange monstrous amounts of energy. How and why in a Gravity Universe?

Can the idea that planets atmospheres may be coils/transformers in an Electric Universe help explain why not just the Earth but other planets in our Solar System, all so varied, have auroras? Uranus has an aurora, Neptune has an aurora, Saturn has an aurora and Jupiter has an aurora ... The Exoplanets that are being found will also have auroras, even they are mostly Super Jupiter's and orbiting close to the parent star (which gravity seems to have forgotten about).

Power Ups for Planets?

How do planets and moons in our Solar System have so much energy? Why do some planets give off twice as much energy as the Suns power they receive? Can they get it from an Electric Universe? The most obvious answer was the Solar Wind (Solar Current) but now we are also discovering Flux Transfer Events, Solar Tornadoes (Birkeland Currents) etc. Is there another option?

Could some of the planets be charged in a variation of Resonant Induction Recharging? Are moons powered by the parent planet in this way? Could it be something similar to this are a variation? Perhaps it only happens on a smaller local scale?

planets earth non radiative energy transfer resonant induction recharging

Is this a possible explanation for Nikola Tesla's Planetary Radio Signals that he observed? Are they of Planetary origin in an Electric Universe?