What would be the effects?

expanding Earth growing planet theory effectsWhat would be the effects of an Expanding Earth or a Growing Earth? What changes would it create?

What physical differences would an expanding in size planet have? How would it effect the flora and fauna on our planet?

Would a globe growing in weight/mass have a measurable and observable impact on human life on Earth?

How would our environment change if the planet did change its physical data set due to increases in stuff?

Global and climate changes?

Earth globe planet expansion increasing size
Would gravity change and what effect would that have on animals, plants and humans? Are the dinosaurs and mega or mini flora and fauna fossils examples of changes?

Would it change our planets rotation and orbit?

How would our environment, magnetosphere, telluric currents, oceans change?

Increasing or decreasing global and climate changes?

These are some possible scenarios, what others should be considered?
1 The mass/weight only of planet Earth increased
2 The size only of the planet increased
3 Both the size and mass changed
4 (Please forgive the sites hobby horse idea ... ) Size of planet increased and decreased multiple times?