Exchanging Earth

expanding earth energy puzzle space tornadoesThe planet Earth appears to be exchanging material and energy with our solar system. Is Earth part of a solar system energy circuit?

Are all the other planets. moons and even active asteroids and comets all in a plasma circuit? Exchanging and transforming energy and molecules/matter?

istheearthanelectromagneticcoilstepupordowntransformer-featuredAll planets, moons and the Sun in our Solar System and the Universe were considered by Scientific theory to be isolated objects that were not interacting with each other.

Which is why the Earth has the molten metal core as how else could our planet have such a strong magnetosphere?

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Planets exchanging energy systems

expanding earth energy mystery currentsScience has now changed the isolated bodies theory as more and more connections are being found between our Solar Systems bodies. So why do we still have a molten metal core?

Earths Spacequakes and Earthquakes – the same?


Plasma, electrically charged gas, is believed to make up over 99% over the known Universe.

Porcess and Energy for a Growing or Expanding Earth?

expanding growing earth hypothesis theory plasmaPerhaps an Earth exchanging and/or converting energy and matter with an Electromagnetic Universe might help to explain an Expanding or Growing Earth or even the bizarre idea of an expanding planet Venus?

Solar system energy circuits and components?