Expanding continental crust

Are some parts of the planets continental crust still growing or show evidence of previous rapid growth?

High Plains, USA

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No one really knows how the High Plains got so high. About 70 million years ago, eastern Colorado, southeastern Wyoming, western Kansas and western Nebraska were near sea level. Since then, the region has risen about 2 kilometers, leading to some head scratching at geology conferences.

... “The High Plains are perplexing because there is no deformation—such as major faults or volcanic activity—in the area to explain how this big, vast area got elevated,”
CU-Boulder researchers propose a novel mechanism to explain the region’s high elevation

Earths expanding continental crust?

high plains mesa expanding earth evidence theory growing continental crustThe Earths continental crust is said to be made up of very different material to the planets oceanic crust.

If there has been an expanding of the Earth then there should hopefully be puzzling (for geology) examples of a growing Earth. Mountains appear to be growing, mid ocean ridges seem to be expanding material and the High Plains of the USA appear to have grown rapidly in the past.

high plains tabletops mesas mountains united states of america usaCould you have smaller versions of the High Plains uplift or land expanding upwards with things like table top mountains and tablelands such as the Llano Estacado?

The planets crust being pushed, expanded upwards or new material being formed and growing, thrusting upwards?