Expanding Earth and the Electric Universe theory

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The main proponents and ideas of the Electric Universe theory (EU theory) do not seem to officially consider the Expanding Earth theory to be in tandem with it. The main proponents (Thunderbolts team) and most EU followers consider that the Earth, planets, Sun and galaxies have a very different formation from mainstream accretion and gravity ideas.

growing earth theories expanding energy sourceBut the Electric Universe theory has many interesting ideas or consequences that could help explain or give possible mechanics for the Growing Earth theory or some of its ideas and problems. Such as the apparent changes in gravity to give us mega and mini flora and fauna, those impossible Dinosaurs, and the Earth receiving or converting power.

Alfred de Grazia, an investigator and writer of theories related to the Electric Universe theory (EU theory) does suggest through his Quantavolution ideas an Expansion Earth theory in his book The Lately Tortured Earth.

Expanding Earth and Electric Universe theory

expanding earth electric universe powerSome Electric Universe consequences might include:

  • Changes in gravity without change in Earths mass (gravity as an electromagnetic force, as science does not know what gravity actually is, they just know what they call gravity does)
  • Natural external power sources from an electromagnetic solar system (Suns solar wind, Flux Transfer Events etc)
  • Sudden increases in planets mass (electromagnetic mass)

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