Expanding Earth energy mystery

expanding earth energy mystery currentsOne of the mysteries for the expanding earth theory (growing earth theory) is where does the energy come from?

growing earth energy mystery sourcesDerek Buzasi (Florida Gulf Coast University) has suggested that Hot Jupiter planets use an external power source to help heat them.

This means a planet receiving and converting extra energy from the electromagnetic plasma and fields from its local Star and Solar system.

expanding earth energy puzzle space tornadoesMuch like the earth does from our Sun through solar plasma wind as seen in our auroras, FTE (Flux Transfer Event) and the stunning spacequakes (that have a similar signature to earthquakes!) and whatever other power sources we will discover in the future.

Gas giant planets in our solar system emit more energy than they receive from the Sun.

Does the Earths global electric circuit, combined with the electromagnetic energy from our Sun and the Solar system help provide the energy needed to expand the earth?

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