Expanding Earth theories – list of ideas

expanding earth theories theory growing list ideas mechanicsExpanding Earth theory? What exactly is it?

One of the issues with the Expanding Earth theory (Growing Earth theory as it is also known) is that it is not a precise idea, theory or working set of documents put forward by a peer reviewed and recognised institute or group of scientists as such. So there are a lot of ideas of what it is about, what constitutes the Expanding Earth canon etc.

Debunking the Expanding Earth theory can be easy as all you need to do is search around for someone who has written one article about it with something that may not be correct (in your opinion) and then use that as evidence for an Expanding Earth Debunked article or comment.

Expanding Earth theory - any idea?

list of expanding earth theories mechanics growingSo what is the Expanding Earth theory? Who knows? Apart from the obvious very basic of the Earth has expanded or grown in the past, the rest is up for argument. Should everything that includes an Earth changing size, what ever the mechanism, be included in the list of Expanding Earth theories?

The main theories to consider today and from recent history would have to be Neal Adams, Dr James Maxlow and Warren Carey. Especially Neal Adams due to the massive response to his videos and ideas that seem to have really ignited the whole genre - from Earth expansion to a hollow Earth.

Perhaps the easiest way is to start with a list of the main Growing Earth theories and it can be added to. This list has mainly been copied from Peter Woodhead's list and Stephen Smith with a few extras added. If you know of any more or consider a theory should be listed then please comment below.

Expanding Earth theories - list of ideas and mechanics

  • Did it start with the Hollow Earth theory?
  • The expansion of Earth and other bodies is caused by heating of their initially frozen interiors and consequent gaseous expansion - Peter Woodhead's theory
  • Quantavolution Earth expansion - Alfred de Grazia's theory of near instant changes and expansion of the planet triggered by electromagnetic encounters with planets in our solar system (based on his version of the Electric Universe theory).
  • The Earth Growth and Development from core kernel transformation - Earth Grows theory by geologist Vedat Shehu - ideas include Earth core, the energy source of the geodynamic processes and Earth core as a sun-like star in miniature
  • Thermal Expansion – the Earth heated because of its internal radioactivity or unknown external force - Earth grows in size because of its thermal coefficient of expansion.
  • A pulsating Earth, where cyclic expansion of the Earth is said to have opened the oceans and contractions have caused mountains to form.
  • External accretion from Meteors and asteroids - expansion is caused by an accumulation of extraterrestrial debris over time.
  • Aether Absorption – energy converted by Earth into matter and expanding the planet. These theories usually based on mechanical gravity or Le Sage gravity.
  • Constant Earth mass, with phase changes of an originally super-dense core.
  • Change (reduction) in value of the universal gravitation constant G.
  • Earths core expands due to gravity induces heating
  • S Warren Carey's (Sam Carey) Earth Expansion theory through Mass Creation – a process creates matter from nothing and this is added to the inner shell of the Earth’s crust and you have a Growing Earth
  • A “cosmological cause” resulting in an increase in the mass of the Earth.
  • Electric Universe theory mechanism (not by the main leaders but by interested EU theory followers).
  • God.