Expanding Earth theories – heating of interior frozen core

expanding earth theory Expansion Mechanism growingOne of the Expanding Earth theories is by Peter Woodhead and 'basically' involves the expansion of the Earth and other planets through heating of their interior frozen core.

expanding earth theory gravity change Peter WoodheadThere is a lot of research, investigation, explanation and mathematics of his theory in his article. Which if you are looking for a serious study of one of the Expanding Earth theories then this is for you. Also lots of diagrams to explain his research and others ideas.

Peter Woodhead also looks into the issue of gravity in an Expanding Earth (mega and mini flora and that gravity actually might change) and comes up with some interesting concepts.

Expanding Earth theories - A Mechanism for Earth Expansion

Some of Woodhead's main Growing Earth theory ideas and evidence of his are listed below (see the bottom of his article for full list of conclusions):

  • The Expanding Earth mechanism is heating of the frozen cores by thorium and uranium through their nuclear decay.
  • Earths mass has not increased by much.
  • Earths gravity and surface area increasing exponentially.
  • Thawing of internal core produced water for The Floods and oceans.
  • Although expanding the Earth has not changed its orbit with Moon or Sun.

Peter Woodhead is interviewed in the video below, which is from Check The Evidence.

The associated article called A Mechanism for Earth Expansion (edited by Andrew Johnson) is on that site.

A Mechanism for Earth Expansion - article subjects list

  • Expanding Earth theory History
  • Formation of the Earth
  • Heating an Icy Core
  • Heating by Radioactive Decay
  • Liquid and then Gases Migrate to the Core
  • Steam-Powered Earth Expansion
  • Growing Earth theory Maths including Pre-Expansion Radius, Pre-Expansion Volume and “Gas Volume”, Solid and Liquid inside the Earth, Deduced General Structure of Interior - An Inner Crust?, Suggested Cross section of Earth 70% Liquid Non-Water and 30% water
  • Gravity and Angular Momentum including Surface Gravity Considerations, Centre of Gravity in The Outer Shell
  • Movement of Centre of Gravity as Earth Expanded
  • On the Orbit of the Earth and the Moon ...
  • Volume of Water in the Inner Earth – and the Oceans
  • Gases Venting from the Surface of Other Bodies
  • Future Earth Expansion
  • Expanding Earth Implications and Other Considerations
  • Conclusions