Expanding Earth theory – is evidence needed at the moment?

expanding earth theory evidence requiredExpanding Earth theory (Growing Earth theory) is debunked and attacked by people and scientists - especially for the issue of mass accretion and where did the extra mass come from, how was it formed, when was it formed etc?

But does there need to be a full theory and 100% evidence for Expanding Earth theory and mass accretion at the moment?

What is the Gravity force? We don't know.

The theory of Gravity is just that. Still after all these years, all the billions spent researching it, experiments, scientists hours.

growing expanding earth evidence debunkedScientists know what the effects of the force they call Gravity are (it could still be a secondary force) but they do not know what creates the gravity force.

Considering that Gravity is called 1 of the 4 fundamental forces of nature this is rather surprising. Considering how much of our modern science is based on the theory of Gravity.

It is hypothesized that the gravitational force is mediated by a massless spin-2 particle called the graviton.
theory of Gravity (wikipedia.org)

but even with several well-received theories out there attempting to explain why a book falls to the ground (and at the same rate as a pebble or a couch, at that), they're still just theories. The mystery of gravity's pull is pretty much intact.
How does gravity work? (science.howstuffworks.com)

Expanding Earth theory evidence?

Newton's theory of gravitation was published in 1687 and has had the full backing of most of the scientific world, research, man hours and funding since then.

So even if the Expanding Earth theory does not have all the answers at the moment, especially about the mass accretion puzzle, it is not a lack of evidence or theory that kills the idea.

The Growing Earth theory may never provide the answers and evidence, it may end up being wrong or a modified version of it may be correct but lets give it time.