Expanding Earth theory and mass accretion

expanding earth theory and mass accretionOne of the main puzzles or arguments against the Expanding Earth theory (Growing Earth theory) is the issue of mass accretion - if the Earth was smaller and then expanded how or where did the extra mass come from?

If the Earth did expand (or keeps expanding and contracting?) then the sea floors would seem to be the place where the extra land mass would appear. Evidence for this is perhaps seen with the sea floor spreading at the mid ocean ridges.

If the Earth did grow from its original size then rock appearing where the continents split would seem a sensible place for nature produce it.

Does an Expanding Earth require a mass accretion process?

expanding earth theory growing mass accretion
One of the main reasons for the Expanding Earth theory to be called a pseudo science is the idea of mass accretion and where did the mass come from?

But does a growing earth need to create actual new mass?

Plate tectonics theory is based on the ideas of Continental drift theory. The Plate tectonics theory is only a recent development and many geologists were against it and very skeptical. Plate tectonics is in itself an amazing idea. One of its ideas is that some of the Earths mass is being processed - created and then destroyed and then created.

New oceanic crust is constantly being generated from the upper mantle by sea-floor spreading at mid-ocean ridges, while other parts of the oceanic crust are being recycled back into the mantle at subduction zones.
Earth’s Crust (antarctica.ac.uk)

For an expanding Earth could the original mass from the Earth be used where the sea floor 'skin' is spreading?

expanding earth theory growing

Oceanic crust underlies most of the two-thirds of the Earth’s surface which is covered by the oceans. It has a remarkably uniform composition (mostly 49% ± 2% SiO2) and thickness (mostly 7 ± 1 km).
Earth’s Crust (antarctica.ac.uk)

The Earth producing/creating a new material? When something is manufactured for a specific purpose it is formed uniformly. How is that much of the Earths surface so consistent?

expanding earth theory growing mass accretion evidence

The ocean floor is the most dynamic part of the Earth’s surface. As a result, no part of the oceanic crust existing today is more than 200 million years old, which is less than 5% of the age of the Earth itself.
Earth’s Crust (antarctica.ac.uk)

With the time frame that Geology uses this "New oceanic crust is constantly being generated" might actually be a one off. If it is less than 200 million years old then the oceanic crust may have only been produced once.

The Oceanic crust has been produced 'recently', as the Earth expanded?

If new mass was needed then how was this created? Could it be produced from inside the Earth itself?