Expanding pine cone Earth?

expanding earth theoryWhat and how could the planet have expanded or is still expanding?

What geological or physical mechanism could make the Earth grow?

Are there any process in nature that might show a way for the planets continents to move sideways and/or upwards?

expanding earth theory debunked growing

How could planet Earth expand?

growing earth evidence tectonic plates shrinkingFor a starting example could the planet have expanded like pine cones?

With the areas between filled with new rock from sea floor spreading at mid ocean ridges?

And geologically relatively recently?

Ocean crust is a very different material to continental crust.

Oceanic crust underlies most of the two-thirds of the Earth’s surface which is covered by the oceans. It has a remarkably uniform composition (mostly 49% ± 2% SiO2) and thickness (mostly 7 ± 1 km).

The ocean floor is the most dynamic part of the Earth’s surface. As a result, no part of the oceanic crust existing today is more than 200 million years old, which is less than 5% of the age of the Earth itself.
British Antarctic Survey - Oceanic Crust