Expanding Venus

expanding venus evidenceExpanding Earth?

What about Expanding Venus?

What physical evidence would you need for a quickly growing Venus, to confirm an expanding Venus theory?

A spinning ice skater in a tight tucked position spins quickly. They expand their body to decrease their spin rate (rotation).

New measurements from ESA’s Venus Express spacecraft shows that Venus’ rotation rate is about 6.5 minutes slower than previous measurements taken 16 years ago by the Magellan spacecraft.

Using infrared instruments to peer through the planet’s dense atmosphere, Venus Express found surface features weren’t where the scientists expected them to be.

... But a change of 6.5 minutes over a little more than a decade is a huge variation.
Is Venus’ Rotation Slowing Down? (from universetoday.com)

Expanding Venus theory and evidence

Venus Express discovered that surface features were not quite where they should be, evidence that Earth's cloud-covered neighbour spins a little slower than previously measured.

Using the VIRTIS instrument at infrared wavelengths to penetrate the thick cloud cover and study the surface, scientists discovered that some features were displaced by up to 20 km from where they should be.
Spinning Venus is slowing down (from European Space Agency)

expanding venus theory planet earth growing evidenceThe scientific explanation to this amazing figure is that it might be due to the thick Venus atmosphere dragging and slowing it down.

The problem is that this explanation and theory is so weak compared to what has supposedly happened that it just can not be believed.

Planet Venus is a strange world compared to the other planets in our solar system.

  • Venus planet rotation has slowed down by 6.5 minutes over just 16 years (A Venus day is 243 Earth days)
  • Venus rotation is retrograde, that is the planet spins backwards compared to all the other planets.
  • Venus is very hot
  • Venus has very few asteroid impact craters.
  • Venus has no moon.

Growing Venus theories

growing venus theory evidence slowing rotation speed earth expandingA simpler solution is that the original figures from the Magellan mission for Venus rotation speed may have been wrong?

Or perhaps there has been amazing 'plate tectonic' movement and those objects that were measured have moved with the ground?

If you then take evidence and ideas from the Electric Universe theory and Immanuel Velikovsky on his mythology evidence that Venus is a new planet or was seen as a 'comet', it could still be expanding (if that is what new planets do?). Venus as a new planet would also explain why it has hardly any craters and is still very hot.

There can of course be non EU theory reasons for Venus rotation decreasing and it would be interesting to find out what people think might be the reason.

And an expanding Venus or any other rocky planet increasing in size would have to mean evidence that the expanding Earth theory is true. No matter how much that goes against current accepted theory.

This article on the Expanding Venus theory was inspired by paladin17 in the thunderbolts forum discussion on Impossible Dinosaurs (another growing earth theory discussion in itself that this site hopes to investigate one day).