Fallstreak Hole clouds

What causes Fallstreak Hole clouds to be so circular or rectangular? Other circular hole shapes appear in the cloud cover and these belong to Volcano and Atomic Bomb explosions. Is there any relationship?

sky holes (Punch Hole Clouds or Fallstreak Holes) are unusual cloud shapes and patterns in the sky

Punch Hole clouds (Fallstreak Hole clouds) appear to start as a complete circle then clouds appear in the middle. Sometimes you get a very defined center cloud with a clearing ring around it.

With the first Fallstreak Hole Cloud (see top photograph) the cloud appearing inside the hole is even in small boxes. How have these survived or formed?

fallstreak holes and punch hole clouds weather phenomenon photographed in Malta september 2009

With these Fallstreak Holes photographed in Malta there were thin feeder/feeler clouds that looked very much like 'wires' going into or out of the Fallstreak Holes (bottom right of the Punch Hole Cloud)

pentagon shaped clouds called punch hole clouds or fallstreak holes photgraphs from the isalnd of Malta

As one of the Fallstreak Holes moved west its shape turned into a rough pentagram/pentagon and there now larger current lines feeding into or out of the cloud.

Crop Circle Clouds (nearly filled Fallstreak Holes)

fallstreak hole in clouds create circles in the cloudcover that looks like a clearing in the clouds made by a hole punch

Fallstreak Holes that are filled with clouds are the Crop Circles of Clouds. Mysterious and strange looking they can be mistaken for anything. How do the Crop Circle Clouds form? How do you get a clear outer ring?

circles and strange clearings in cloud cover layers are called hole punch clouds or fallstreak holes. They are the crop circles of clouds

Cloud is found inside the Fallstreak Hole but there is a defined gap on the outside where there is no cloud.

Camino, Malta a fallstreak cloud or hole punched cloud photographed. These are the crop circle clouds

The Crop Circle Clouds inside are not smooth, appearing to be formed with filement lines and bands.

Cloud waves - energy or frequency?

why do you get waves or ripples in clouds as seen in these punch hole clouds or fallstreak holes

These Hole Punch Clouds or Fallstreak Holes have what looks like a 'cloud wave' or 'cloud ripples' attached to them. These cloud waves can also be seen in other photographs of Punch Hole Clouds photographed around the world. What forces cause the Punch Hole Cloud and the cloud waves have to be linked. But how can you only get a small patch of cloud waves and not the whole area?

The cloud wave seems to be attached to the Fallstreak Hole by a tight line or corrider of cloud. If this is the natural energy supply into or out of the Fallstreak Hole then it is related to that. Energy is transfered in waves but these appeared stationary (the ripples did not roll forward as such) so its more likely to be a frequency effect.

West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

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Punch Hole Clouds (Fallstreak Holes) have recently been photographed in the sky over West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. Mostly standard Fallstreak Hole Clouds apart from this strange photo. It seems to show either 2 Fallstreak Holes that have joined up at an angle or a single Fallstreak Hole Cloud that has been twisted.

More images of the Punch Hole Clouds (Fallstreak Holes) West Palm Beach, Florida

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