Glacial rebound or Expanding Earth?

land rebounding growing earth expanding theory hypothesis evidenceIs the land rebounding or the Earth expanding?

Iceland is rising at a faster pace as global warming melts the island's ice caps, scientists say.

The speed of this rise is among the fastest rates at which the crust of the planet is rising, "and may continue to get faster every year," lead study author Kathleen Compton, a geoscientist at the University of Arizona in Tucson, told Live Science.
Why Iceland Is Rising So Fast

Is it glacial rebounding or growing Earth evidence?

Land in Canada and Scandinavia is still slowly rising after being pushed down by glaciers during the last ice age.

More recently, there are indications parts of Alaska and Chile are also experiencing a “rebound” phenomenon as glaciers retreat.
Climate change is making Iceland spring up like a trampoline

Antarctica accelerated glacial rebound mystery

antartic rebound evidence land expanding growing planet theory ideaAntarctica is experiencing a growing Earth crust, the rate is a real mystery. As well as using the glacial rebound theory they are suggesting some help from rock in the mantle beneath the earths surface. Is this more Expanding Earth hypothesis evidence?

Antarctica is rising unusually quickly, revealing that hot rock in the Earth's mantle hundreds of miles below the icy continent is flowing much faster than expected, researchers say.

The usual models of the Earth cannot account for this much uplift.

"You would expect this rebound to happen over thousands of years, and instead we have been able to measure it in just over a decade," Nield said in a statement. "You can almost see it happening, which is just incredible."
Quickly Rising Antarctica Suggests 'Runny' Earth

growing planet hypothesis earth theory idea Is it another variation of the a mid ocean ridge like the mid Atlantic ridge?

Land rebound or expanding Earth evidence?

glacial rebound expanding earth crust growing evidence theoryGeologists, scientists suggest it is due to the Earth coming back up after the last ice age but do we actually know that for certain?

The glacial rebound is a theory and we only have very recent measurements that we combine with interpretation of previous statistics to the prevailing ice age land springing back up.

Glacial rebound may be the actual geology reason but until it is absolutely proven, if it can in our short term, it can be considered as part of the Expanding Earth theory and potential evidence.

No way Norway? The only way is up! Baby

But the accuracy of the satellite laser ranging data and all existing space geodesy technologies is contaminated, both by the effects of other major Earth processes, and limited ground measurement sites. Think of it this way: if all of Earth's GPS stations were located in Norway, their data would indicate that Earth is growing, because high-latitude countries like Norway are still rising in elevation in response to the removal of the weight of Ice Age ice sheets. So how can scientists be sure the reference frame is accurate?
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