Growing Earth Theory

Growing Earth Theory - is the earth growing or has it grown and shrunk multiple times in our past?

growing earth theory (expanding)

* The Earths Continental Crust (land) and Ocean Crust (sea floor)
are a different material and age

* The Continental rocks are much older than the newer Oceanic material

* Fresh material, which forms the Ocean Crust, is being produced at this moment by sea-floor spreading (expanding?) at the mid-ocean ridges

image showing the mid ocean ridges and fresh Earth material

6 supercontinents = 6 super breakups, wanderings and reformings

Remember at school when you first looked at a map of the world and it appeared to roughly fit together as it is, if the oceans were not there? That would be explained by a smaller planet. Scientists agree that the Earths continental crust (land) has formed, broken up, wandered around then reformed as one piece of land a few times, maybe up to 6 supercontinents in our history.

Draw the world on a half inflated ballon then deflate and expand it....
What do you actually see?

Antonio Snider-Pellegrini original

Antonio Snider-Pellegrini

Antonio Snider-Pellegrini's (1858) original drawings on the left and the Growing Earth version on the right

The Earth does fit together as a smaller sized planet. If it is a growing Earth then how, why and especially where did the new material come from?

The Earth Slide Puzzle

watch India do a runner away from Africa...down then up

Pangea seperationintro thumb

Remember that the image on the right is not getting closer to you but is a globe expanding larger. The size and amount of the Continental Crust stays the same. The size and amount of the newer Oceanic Crust increases.

Unlike a slide puzzle the Earth has no spare space for billions of tonnes of rock (tectonic plates / continents) to move into. Whole continents must therefore slide over, under or into each other. Plate Tectonics / Continental Drift means they actually also plough through other rock.

Earth Slide Puzzle

the Earths slide puzzle and its uncertain Plate Boundary?

This scientfic paper abstract describes some of the immense wanderings and collisions that have happened. Also that these activities have stopped and started at various times.

Mid Ocean Ridges and Sea Floor Expanding

sea floor spreading

Mid Ocean Ridges producing fresh rock and Sea Floor Expansion

Scientists agree that new rock is being produced and the map shows that the fresh rock is created at the mid ocean ridges. The youngest rock is in red. The area where the most amount of basalt is being produced and the land spreading at over 10 cms per year is in the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Rim has the famous Ring Of Fire, a ring of active and dormant volcanos surrounding it.
Volcanos are a massive concentration of energy. In Hawaii they found magna very hot very close to the surface. Volcanos exhibit Electrical Discharge Events such as lightning.

chaiten volcano lightning
chaiten volcano ash plume

The erupting Chaiten Volcano in Chile produced amazing lightning storms and plumes of ash that including water vapour and crystals. Volcán de Agua in Guatemala produced a massive flow of mud and water.

How are new materials and Space Gems created?

Graph showing Space Dust and Space Gems caused by Plasma Discharge

Space GEMMAS graph article

Where did all of Earths material, water and air come from? The water especially. Where does all the space dust and the Universes materials come from?

Water is created where (from) there is Plasma (ionised or electricaly charged gas) activity. Water vapour has been found to come from Black Holes (remember when they use to suck everything in?) and is also formed on the surface of our sun.

As this other Space Gems article says Cosmology has a problem that it needs dust to form things but it does not know where all the dust came from, especially in the early Universe. If dust is created as an effect of an electrical discharge then this is where Space and Planetary Dust comes from.

Our Sun is a Plasma Discharge. Water vapour is even formed in the Suns atmosphere. Interestingly enough near Sunspots.

Dust and ash is formed in Volcanic activity and dust appears in rain, clouds and as immense dust clouds in space. Don't forget that you can not see a lot of the Universe because of all the dust. If the Plasma Discharge is responsible for the creation of matter then if the Earths atmosphere and itself is or has had Plasma Discharges then this would produce the materials needed. If the Earth was part of the exchange with the Electric Universe then we would expect to have lots of dust, water and minerals created. With the follow through logic that if Everything Is Electric this would including oil, gas our atmosphere and the rocks that make up this planet.