Growing mountain ranges and Earth

growing earth theory mountainsSome mountains and mountain ranges are getting taller. Is this due to a growing Earth?

Nanga Parbet, in Pakistan, is growing taller at a rate of 7 mm (0.27 in) per year.
Fastest rising mountain

Geology and science suggest mountains getting taller are explained by the plate tectonics theory - the collision of continents - pushing up the land where they meet. You have to remember that this is only a theory, which was controversial in its own time only a few decades ago, and is still being modified.

And for geologists it really is still guess work about what is happening on the surface let alone in and deep under the ground. Let alone estimating or guessing what mountains were like in the past.

Garzione took a new approach to paleoaltimetry, the tricky science of measuring mountain height from the distant past. As mountains lift, weather erodes them, complicating the estimation of how high they might be at any given time.
Mountain Ranges Rise Dramatically Faster Than Expected

Growing mountains and Earth

expanding earth theory moutains rangesPerhaps the mountains are growing taller due to the movement of plate tectonics but the reason the continental plates are moving is due to an expanding Earth in various locations?

The Earth growing in various places, perhaps like the mid ocean ridges, and pushing the land masses sideways?

Two new studies by a University of Rochester researcher show that mountain ranges rise to their height in as little as two million years--several times faster than geologists have always thought.
Mountain Ranges Rise Dramatically Faster Than Expected

Or could the planet be growing in the mountain ranges area, pushing them up?