Mountain growing periods

Mountain growing periods Laramide NevadanAre the North American mountain building periods (orogeny) evidence that sections of the planets surface can grow upwards?

The Laramide orogeny, a mountain building period mainly in the North America continent, has puzzling geological features including upward thrusts, wedges and intrusions. The Nevadan orogeny was an even bigger event.

It is now suggested that these events of parts of the Earth growing upwards were actually multiple events and not just a one of period.

Why do you seem to get hill and mountain ranges that abruptly rise out of the ground, yet do not seem to effect the level ground close to them?

Laramide orogeny, a series of mountain-building events that affected much of western North America in Late Cretaceous and Paleogene time. (The Cretaceous Period ended 65.5 million years ago and was followed by the Paleogene Period.)
Laramide orogeny | Encyclopædia Britannica

evidence planet earth is growing expandingThe Laramide orogeny was a compressional event that took place from approximately 80-40Ma and coincided with rapid convergence of the North American and Farallon plates. Basement-cored uplifts dominate the structures that define the Laramide orogen throughout western North America.

Although compression is what caused these uplifts, the ultimate cause, direction, and consequences of the Laramide orogeny have been debated.
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Elevation differences between the uplifts and basins can be 10,000 ft plus and landscape can change between steep rugged mountains and rolling prairies within only hundreds of miles.
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Mountain and land growing upwards

Could uplifts be evidence that selected parts of our landscape have grown upwards?

Laramide orogeny expanding earth theoryThe Laramide uplifts are characterized by basement involved low angle thrust faults that overlapped sections of crust.

Forces were so great that in some places 10,000 to 20,000 feet of vertical movement is observed.
The Laramide Orogeny | Dakota Matrix Minerals

Could uplifts of raised beaches show that those areas have also grown outwards?

Laramide orogeny growing earth theoryWith amazingly thick sediment rock strata of up to 10,000 feet found on top of non sedimentary rock, the following are 3 suggested solutions.

The top layers have been pushed upwards or they were somehow deposited on top of the existing rock formations or they were transformed where they were found?

What other events or processes could have perhaps made these selected parts of the planet Earth grow? Or did they expand?