Atlas of Continental Displacement – Maps and Preface (Free)



Atlas of Continental Displacement, 200 Million Years to the Present - a shortened PDF version of the book by H G Owen. This is a free download that includes some of the important maps.

This PDF file has all the text of the printed book and the important main world outline maps, that seem to show how the continental rock form a better fitting supercontinent Pangea on a smaller sized globe (80% of the present size of the Earth).

THIS PDF DOES NOT INCLUDE all of the 70+ maps showing the comparisons between plate tectonics and expansion tectonics over the last 200 million years, as the PDF download file size without them is already very large(over 25 MB). Also, due to the physical size of the book and the scanner used, half the pages are scans of a photocopy.

If you can understand and need to view the detailed area maps then you should buy the original hardcover book version.