The Biblical Consequences of an Expanding Earth


The Biblical Consequences of an Expanding Earth: The Fluid Dynamics of Whole Earth Decompression Theory by David Freed looks into a decompressed expanded Earth and how that relates to the Bible and Christian beliefs.

The whole book has not been read yet, so no full review.

Instead of a supercontinent where all the land masses fit snugly together to form one large continent surrounded by one ocean, you could have one land mass that covers the globe, if that globe was 65% its present size - Planetoid Pangea. But how does the world grow from a smaller planet to a larger surface area?

David Freed expands on the theory of Whole Earth Decompression Dynamics (WEDD) which itself has been modified to Fluid Dynamics Whole Earth Decompression Theory (FD-WEDT).

The full review will be posted soon.