Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth


Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth: Solving the Mystery of the Dinosaurs' Gigantic Size - book author Stephen Hurrell - this is available on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk as a Kindle ebook or hardback printed book.

Stephen W Hurrell first published this book in 1994 and it is one of the most popular Growing Earth hypothesis books.

The subject of dinosaurs to large for gravity is a popular 'Growing Earth' debate/evidence.

Stephen Hurrell own book review of Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth

The debate about the astonishing results outlined in my book is still continuing today. I've now presented my reasoning in written papers, at geological meetings and been interviewed about the concepts and implications.

My book outlines in detail the astonishing results I obtained when I tried to calculate ancient gravity during the dinosaurs' time and how these conclusions seem to confirm the geological evidence that the earth is expanding. The Earth expansion concept is something that many geologists have explored in hundreds of scientific publications. They are still exploring the concept today with several important new scientific papers appearing over the last few years.

Publishers review of Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth book

Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth proposes a startling idea to explain the long-standing puzzle of the dinosaurs' gigantic size. Stephen Hurrell presents scientific evidence that dinosaurs lived in a reduced gravity and this allowed them to grow to gigantic proportions.

The Reduced Gravity Earth theory explains why all land-based life has shifted towards a larger scale on the ancient Earth. This includes gigantic dinosaurs, plants and insects. It is also a key piece of evidence that provides additional support for an Expanding Earth, something a few leading geologists have been suggesting for decades.

Since its initial unveiling, the Reduced Gravity Earth theory has been widely discussed and debated. Individuals from laymen to professors are now arguing that gravity was lower on the ancient Earth. You can analyse the evidence for believing the controversial Reduced Gravity Earth theory and its implications for the Expanding Earth in this third edition of Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth.