Earth Expansion without Seafloor Spreading (Free PDF)



Annulling the 'marriage of convenience' between Earth Expansion and Seafloor Spreading by William Carnell Erickson is a free PDF about the Expanding Earth theory. Subtitled as Earth Expansion without Seafloor Spreading it explains and uses theories and models from Sam W Carey and Lester C Kings's books.

Dr. Foster seems to believe that if seafloor spreading and subduction are both myths, then ocean widening and continental displacement, lacking a plausible mechanism, must also be myths, which
renders superfluous any theory that purports to explain them, including, and perhaps especially, Earth expansion.

In my opinion, Dr. Foster has drawn the wrong conclusion. He apparently assumes that seafloor spreading is the only available mechanism for ocean widening on an expanding Earth.

That is not so. However, it is not surprising that he has made that assumption because most expansion advocates following S Warren Carey have done the same thing.

... In contrast, an expansion model based on King (1983) envisions that new oceanic crust was formed between the various “levitated” remnants of the ancient supercontinents as the mantle expanded
and became exposed at the surface ... In this alternate model based on King, expansion tectonics is divorced from seafloor spreading and wed to oceanization, but only on its own terms and in a much narrower sense. Indeed, this expansion model explains how and why oceanization was triggered in the first place.

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