Ever Since Wegener: A Brief History of the Expanding Earth Hypothesis (Free PDF)



Ever Since Wegener: A Brief History of the Expanding Earth Hypothesis by William Carnell Erickson is a free PDF explaining the history of the Growing Earth theory (Earth expansion theories) up to around 1988.

Mentions and explains some Expanded Earth theories including S Warren Carey, H G Owen, and Lester C King.

There have obviously been more recent Growing Earth theories and books including Stephen Hurrell and James Maxlow and of course Neal Adams for example.

Quote from Ever Since Wegener: A Brief History of the Expanding Earth Hypothesis

During the golden age of marine geology in the 1950s, when continental drift became respectable again after decades in contempt, interest in the expansion hypothesis was also revived. Earth expansion beneath the oceans during the last 200 million years could account for many of the new and surprising facts about the ocean floor – its relative youthfulness, the shallow sediments, and the worldwide rift system.

For a time, a few North American geologists, including Bruce Heezen and J Tuzo Wilson, flirted with expansion. But by the late sixties, most of these erstwhile supporters had abandoned expansion in favor of the new theory of Plate Tectonics. The expansion hypothesis remains a minority view in geophysics but it still has many supporters, especially among Earth scientists living in the southern hemisphere.

... Carey embraced the expansion hypothesis in the mid-fifties after attempting, without success, to reconstruct Pangaea, the ancestral supercontinent, on a globe of modern dimensions. No matter how the continents were arranged, huge 'gaping gores' would appear between regions with known geological connections. “I could make satisfactory sketches like Wegener's classic assembly [Carey recalls], but never accurately on the globe, or a rigorous projection. Starting from the assembly of Africa and South America, [...] a yawning gulf appeared between Indonesia and Australia [which] belonged together.” Years of frustration tempted Carey to abandon his ambitious project. “A crucial link seemed to be missing from the global synthesis.”

But in the end, Carey's zeal for accuracy paid off, and the solution was surprisingly simple. “It was not my method that was at fault, but my implicit assumption that the Earth of Pangaea was
the same size as the Earth today. The assembly of Pangaea was not possible on a globe of present radius, but on a smaller globe, ...these difficulties vanished.”

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