Geodetic Problems of an Expanding Globe (Free PDF)




Geodetic Problems of an Expanding Globe: Simple Critical Arguments by geologist Giancarlo Scalera is a free PDF that investigates the Expanding Earth theory (Growing Earth theory) and Geodesy.

Abstract from Geodetic Problems of an Expanding Globe

Because unequivocal evidence exist in favor of the expansion of the globe through geologic time, and if the expansion of our planetary body is ongoing today and not confined to the past or episodic in time, some subtle causes must consequently exist of the inability of Geodesy in revealing a plausible expansion rate. Old critical arguments around the possibility of a vicious circle in the geodetic theoretical methods (Blinov, 1987; Scalera, 2003) has revealed their inadequacy in respect of the geometry of space geodesy.

On the bases of an old argument (Scalera, 2003), it has been then developed a new more realistic one, in which it is demonstrated that spurious effects can probably bias what is believed to be systematic-error-free data. It is argued that Geodesy still has to full develop a theoretical treatment of an expanding globe.

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