New Concepts in Global Tectonics: free quarterly PDF journals



New Concepts in Global Tectonics journalThe New Concepts in Global Tectonics group allow the publication and discussion of alternative ideas, theories and interpretation of standard geological data.

The NCGT newsletter allows the publication of papers investigating new ideas, the raising of issues and explanation of the many problems that geology theory brings upon itself.

Which means that the New Concepts in Global Tectonics website and newsletter allows and encourages the investigation of different thinking and challenging of the status quo. Which is how science has always and will always progress.

The NCGT is NOT a Growing Earth theory publication. But your enemies enemy can be your friend?

Forming an organizational focus for creative ideas not fitting readily within the scope of Plate Tectonics.

Forum for discussion of such ideas and work which has been inhibited in existing channels. This should cover a very wide scope from such aspects as the effect of the rotation of the Earth and planetary and galactic effects, major theories of development of the Earth, lineaments, interpretation and prediction of earthquakes, major times of tectonic and biological change, and so on.
New Concepts in Global Tectonics

New Concepts in Global Tectonics: free PDF journals

New Concepts in Global Tectonics review newsletter NCGT
The variety of the subjects covered in the FREE PDF of the NCGT journal is fantastic.

If you have an interest in the possible geology of the Expanding Earth theory then its quarterly publication is always a welcome event. You can sign up for their email notification, so you do not even have to keep going to their site to remember when the latest edition of articles has been published.

One publication published research papers covering topics such as:

  • VLF electromagnetic signals unrelated to the Central Italy earthquakes occurred between 26 and 30 October 2016
  • Deep-seated processes in the tectonosphere of oceans
  • Great deep earthquakes and solar cycles
  • The September-October 2016 Korea and Southwest Japan earthquakes viewed from the Blot’s thermal energy transmigration concept
  • High-frequency electromagnetic emission in the earthquake epicentral areas detected by the remote sensing frequency-resonance data processing
  • Late Permian coal formation under Boreal conditions along the shores of the Mongol-Tranbaikalian seaway

With the letters section discussing subjects such as:

  • The Earth as I found it, Part 3 by Charles Warren Hunt
  • Mobile plate tectonics: a confrontation by Peter M James
  • AAPG Explorer November 2016 issue and plate tectonics history by Keith H James
  • Counterclockwise rotation of Australia revisited by Karsten M Storetvedt