Terra non Firma Earth: Plate Tectonics is a Myth


Terra non Firma Earth: Plate Tectonics is a Myth Kindle ebook (amazon.com and amazon.co.uk) and printed book by James Maxlow.

James Maxlow is a geologist who believes and writes about Expansion Tectonics and Earth expansion. He also knew Sam Warren Carey, the modern trigger of the Expanding Earth hypothesis.

James Maxlow's own book review of Terra non Firma Earth

James Maxlow introduces his own book and in the full articles Maxlow also briefly explains his investigations into the Expanding Earth theory (Growing Earth theory) and - Plate Reconstructions - Ancient Seas and Supercontinents - Distribution of Species and Minerals - A Causal Model for Earth Expansion.

In this book, I have simply treated our Earth as just another cosmological entity, an insignificant microdot amongst many, amidst an unimaginably vast Universe. I then looked at modern geological, geophysical and geographical evidence to see not only what has happened to our Earth since its formation, but also to see if science has in fact got the interpretation of this evidence all wrong.

To me, this evidence shows that the concept of an expanding Earth is uniquely viable and represents a demonstrable global tectonic process. Similarly all geological, geophysical and geographical information, when displayed on models of an expanding Earth, substantiates an Archaean to future Earth-expansion process and far better explains this readily available physical phenomenon.

By far the single most important contribution to modern scientific understanding of the concept of global tectonics, and Earth expansion in particular, has been the completion of geological mapping and age-dating of all the continental and ocean-floor crusts. This mapping was not available to early researchers prior to the late 1980s, and has since been significantly under-utilized in plate tectonic studies.

In contrast to plate tectonic studies, this mapping has enabled the assemblage of all crustal plates to be accurately constrained on models of an expanding Earth, and for the first time has enabled modeling studies to be extended back to the earliest Archaean era.

It has also provided a means to define Earth expansion mathematically, and a means to investigate an Earth expansion process mathematically throughout Earth history.

Publishers description of Terra non Firma Earth book

This book summarises research into Expansion Tectonics and is suitable for all persons interested in the geosciences. In this book, modern geological, geophysical, and geographical evidence is used to recreate the entire 4,000 million years of our Earths geological history. This evidence is then used to challenge the misconception that plate tectonics is the key to understanding our Earth sciences. In contrast to a random plate tectonic process, the formation and break-up of each of the continents, as well as a sympathetic opening of all the oceans is instead shown to be simple, progressive and evolutionary.

All ancient magnetic poles are precisely located on Expansion Tectonic small Earth reconstructions of the ancient Earth, and all established poles and equators are shown to coincide with observed climate zones and biotic evidence. Similarly, faunal and floral species evolution is shown to be intimately related to this progressive continental break-up and oceanic crustal development. Global extinction events coincide with wholesale climate and sea-level changes, and the distribution of metallic ores and petroleum occurrences are readily comprehended.