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The Growing and Developing Earth book by author Vedat Shehu investigates the Growing Earth theory, as he suggests there is not an Expanding Earth.

Vedat Shehu, a geologist, has briefly explained his theories and the books content in a comment on the front page of this website.

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The Earth grows, it doesn’t expand.

Growth and expansion are two different notion. The first is result of the inner cause running inside of the thing that is growing by a certain process of matter transformation as, for example a peach fruit, a tree trunk, etc. The second is not result of certain natural process, and it seems as inflation, for example, inflation of a ball, or inflation of a state by expansion force, etc. So, the my specific theory is originally presened under title “The Growing and Developing Earth”. It is related with two problems. The first is what generates earth perpetual energy causing, between geodynamic processes, the oceanic crust growth and the continental displacement. The second is what triggered the gaseous dusty cloud to become dynamic nebula of the planetary disc of solar system. So, the procees causing the Earth’s growth runs inside its core since planet-formation epoch

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The Growing and Developing Earth book - A syntheses of Earth's geological phenomena with planetary one, and earth dynamism as result of the core-kernel transformation since planet-formation process. Earth's core kernel causes both earth dynamism and growing Earth process

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The inner structure of the Earth, in the form as it's still expressed today in the standard books, is a complete reflection of the archaic method of thinking. The continual change in the state of matter by pressure and temperature rising towards the Earth center, it is not an essential change in the character of chemical elements to create the core, shell-like building of the mantle, lithosphere and the known processes. This is also a firm argument why the necessity appears to place a sort of ultra dense matter as the source of permanent transformation in the core's central region, to create different particles and sub particles in bonds of atoms or free in radiation. Lets suppose for a moment that we would remove the silicate coverings. What would be the outcome? The processes of transformation and growth would continue in the core. The "small earth" would begin to recreate the silicate coat progressively with time, and we would "see" the imitation of crust formation, as well as the differentiation, the "bone of discord" between the fixists, mobilists and supporters of the expansion and their "quarrel" would end forever. Such solution on the geologic development of Earth crust must radically change the method of thinking about the origin of the solar system.

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