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The unlikelihood of an expanding Earth by A Hallam, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Birmingham is a free PDF from 1984 that investigates, from a standard science point of view, the Growing Earth theory and especially the books and theories of Wandering Continents and Spreading Sea-floors on an Expanding Earth by Lester King and the Atlas of Continental Displacement, 200 Million Years to the Present by Hugh G Owen.

The unlikelihood of an expanding Earth is an interesting and essential read for those for and against the Expanding Earth theory. It is well written in a balanced style, sadly lacking in most articles debunking Earth expansion theories - also perhaps including some of the articles on this site investigating possible evidence to be considered for the interesting theory of a bigger and smaller planet Earth.

Quote from The unlikelihood of an expanding Earth

It is now well over a decade since plate tectonics established itself as the dominant paradigm guiding large-scale geological research, but there remains a small minority of iconoclasts that rebels against the new orthodoxy, in particular against the basic tent that the Earth's diameter has remained unchanged throughout geological history.

Whereas the attempt to resurrect the old idea of a contracting Earth appears to be a one-man show (Lyttleton, 1982) the number of adherents to the view, dating back to Hilgenberg (1933), that the Earth has expanded through time, has certainly not diminished, and a symposium on the subject was recently held in Sydney (Carey, 1983).

Furthermore, to judge from informal 'of-the-record' discussions, for every individual prepared to commit him- or herself to print on the subject, there is a larger number, including some very respectable geologists, who express at least a sneaking sympathy towards the notion of Earth expansion, which has also excited some biogeographers.

The situation is altogether reminiscent of the reaction of Wegener's continental drift hypothesis in the interwar years. For this reason alone it would be unwise for the orthodox to be scornfully dismissive without giving careful and openminded consideration to the question. Nevertheless it may be as well to bear in mind that, because Beethoven's late quartets were not well received during his lifetime, it does not necessarily follow that every piece of modern music, however painful to the ear, is the work of a composer whose genius will be posthumously vindicated.

Apart from the fact that their authors support Earth expansion, the two books under review here could hardly be more different. King's is a rather discursive, rambling and anecdote-ridden effort, in which a wide range of geological and geomorpholigical phenomena is discussed. It is full of categoric assertions of heterodox ideas either unsupported or feebly supported by evidence ... This cannot be said of Owen's atlas, which warrants respectful attention from expanding-Earth sceptics.

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