Globe expansion mechanics (Quantavolution theory)

globe expansion expanding earth growing quantavolution alfred de graziaContinuing the slow expansion and investigation into the different growing Earth theories this article looks further into the Quantavolution theory and its mentions of an expanding globe and the dynamics behind it.

Alfred de Grazi spent part of his amazing life creating and writing his Quantavolution theories and series of books (details on how to download all his Quantavolution books for free!).

Grazi explains his theories and mechanics of the possible expansion of the globe mechanics and the events leading up to it in his book called Chaos and Creation. These seem to involve or are influence partly by Immanuel Velokovsky's controversial ideas and books including Worlds in Collsion, and also some of the basics of what is now termed or has grown into the EU theory or Electric Universe theory.

The idea of a growing Earth is not just Earth expanding but mind expanding. Alfred de Grazi's globe expansion model is completely insane to those who have not heard of or investigated Velokovsky's works and the Electric Universe. And still is for lots of those who have.

Moons internal eruption from Earth

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The first quote starts with the mechanics of the Moons origin from within the planet. This then helps to explain his ideas in the second quote.

That the Moon erupted from the Earth is not a new idea, but one that received a momentary scientific appreciation in the nineteenth century. Observing the mysterious vastness off the Pacific Basin and calculating from mechanical physics, George Darwin (1879) ventured the theory and was supported by Osmond Fisher and others. Howard B. Baker distributed in 1932 mimeographed copies of a treatise arguing the case. Lately, several scientists have joined in espousing the notion. In all cases except Baker, the time set for the event has been "near the beginning" -- safely removed from the evolution of the biosphere. The "beginning" has moved farther back by a factor of twenty or more, and the Moon is alleged to be four billion years old. However, as will be explained, there is no compelling reason why one cannot argue the contrary: that the Moon is a recent evacuee from the Pacific region, whose basin would otherwise have long ago been invaded by the moving continents. To my limited knowledge, after Fisher, Baker alone realized the connection between the eruption of the Moon and continental drift.

Early theory proposed an instability of the Earth as the cause of the fission. A passing body was not considered. Today, when aberrant bodies in space are taken more seriously -- and even the possibility of terrestrial rocks and water being splashed upon the Moon by a cometary impact has been posited by geologist Harold Urey -- the first mechanism to look for is a space intruder.

The stripped-down area is today occupied in part by the land that pushed into it. Conventional continental drift theory only lends confusion. But D. V. Wise writes, "Many positions of drifting or accreting continents eliminate any a priori condition to find the scar of separation on our present Earth, although if a 'navel' must be located, the Pacific basin is as good a spot as any." [8]

The west coast ranges of Northern America have some formation similar to the east Chinese coast. This would point to a more southerly explosion. The great Nazca Ridge and seamounts off of South America traverse the East Pacific Rise into the Tuamotu and Taburi Islands, an immensely long transverse fracturing and outbursting of magma. This feature would have followed the eruption of the lunar material. The tens of thousands of seamounts following the Great Pacific Rise are indicative of a crust that had been suddenly greatly thinned.
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Expansion of the globe

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Expansion of the globe occurred as a result of rotational slowdown. Also, throughout the flayed regions where contact was made with interior deep magma directly, some expansion of the globe took place. Loss of electrical charge may also have decreased the density of the Earth. Indeed, the volume of the Earth may be much greater without the Moon than it was before the Moon erupted. Expansion occurred especially where the sphericity of the globe needed to be preserved, that is, in the southern oceans where the lines of fracture girdle the globe latitudinally before moving northwards again. It occurred too, at the new equator and at the old poles, in response to the new direction of spin. Contraction and conservation of form, on the other hand, took place at the new poles, the old equator, and where the extensive thrusts and folds raised up mountains.

Thus were the principal features of modern world geography established: the distinct continents, the ocean basins, great oceanic ridges; mountains raised high in the westernmost Americas by the bull-dozing ice and undermass moving on the magma and against the inertial magma and core: Alpine Europe pushed up by Africa moving over the Tethyan welt and then back again; Northern India colliding into Asia; and uncounted thousands of seamounts.

If the Earth had not ruptured, it would have exploded, and life would have terminated. The cleavage permitted movement in the shell; the sial rode atop the sima and all of this to a depth of 5 to 10 kilometers (the Moho Discontinuity) rafted to new places carrying the surviving biosphere.

The rafting is almost entirely completed now but the Mohorovicic Discontinuity marks throughout the world the level at which the crust exploded and the crust slipped. Osmond Fisher, in the 1880's, can be credited with combining the ideas of the eruption of the Moon from the Pacific Basin with the prompt cleavage of the Americas from Euro-Africa and their rafting by great new convection currents set up by the moon explosion. George Darwin had originated the first idea and placed the event at only 50 million years ago.
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