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expanding earth theories quantavolution Alfred de Grazia growing earth theoryAlfred de Grazia, author and proponent of Quantavolution (massive changes to planet Earth - its geology, life, humans and human civilisation by catastrophic interactions with wandering planets in an Electric Universe) also proposes his own Quantavolution expanding Earth theory (Growing Earth theory).

Noteworthy in our view is the assignment of uplift to practically all land above the sea. It is thus that the marine sediments occur in all regions. The uplifts are circular, but not meteoritic; they seem like aborted volcanos, whether great or small.

The total impression is of immense uplifts from pre-existing sea beds, accompanied by smaller uplifts, then smaller, and finally quite small rises, a bloated skin with many thousands of protruberant patches. There appears also to be a heavy concentration of these rises in an age that concluded with worldwide biosphere extinctions, the Cretaceous. Further, the subterranean force involved a heat whose temperatures might begin by melting rocks and end in slight metamorphic deformation of rocks whose top levels were in fact pushed up in a cold state.

Might this whole worldwide process have occurred mostly in a single quantavolution? Some regions, even large parts of continents, would have been lifted hundreds or thousands of meters higher than others. Shallow marine sediments would be raised. Many sediments would be reworked in the heat, pressure, and churning of the uneven general uplifts. Erosion would be heavy in such an event, from mechanical disruption, uneven heating, electrical and gaseous outbursts, precipitated vapors, and winds. A great many inter-lift depressions and fractures, laying the groundwork for gullies, streams, and valleys, would develop.

The superpositioning of fossilized sediments according to age would be preserved, even as these were raised. High in the plateaus of Africa, Tibet, and Bolivia, fossils from shallow seas and swamps would be stretched out in their original beds. The Earth would have a largely new surface, uneven, less neat, and confusing to the eye of the beholder. Too, with all this swelling, could not one speak of a general expansion of the Earth?
The Lately Tortured Earth: Part IV: Crustal Turbulence: Sinking and Rising Lands

Alfred de Grazia's version of this bit of the EU theory suggests that electromagnetic catastrophe hit the Earth by planets in our solar system (thunderbolts of the Gods etc) triggered and created massive near instant changes to the planets geology, features, atmosphere and Earth's magnetosphere.

Lots of changes and evidence for land masses rising and sinking.

If one is to believe legend, every large expanse of ocean once had its land mass. A form of quantavolutionary reasoning could proceed as follows: the ocean basins are new, created in the time of man; before the time of man, there was Pangea, a globe covered by continental crust that carried shallow freshwater seas, especially in the then equatorial area, which area, now greatly tortured, is still recognizable in the fabled Tethyan Sea remnants of the Mediterranean area and the "belt of fire" that girdles the world longitudinally. The awesome depths to which the land has sunk or from which the crust has been removed should not halt the argument. If the Andes, the Alps, and the Himalayas can rise miles high, Lemuria and Atlantis can slump miles deep. If the sial debris of sunken lands cannot be scooped up by dredges or pierced by the few meters of core drills, that too is not surprising; the ocean basins were opened up and repaved recently with basalt; where the land was not exploded away, it was covered over by lava working furiously and fast under the catalysis of falling and flooding waters.

Where the continental fragments do not remain to be fitted obviously together, then the intervening land was blasted away or sunk. Continental sial has been extracted on occasion from the deep bottoms in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean; this is surprising given the major discovery of recent oceanography that the ocean bottoms are covered everywhere with lava. Metamorphic rocks typical of the nearby islands and Italy were found 3000 meters below sea level in the central Tyrrhenian Sea, as reported by Heezen [5] . Fragments of black carbonaceous sandstone were found on the Rocksall Plateau and Orphan Knoll, between Greenland and North America.
The Lately Tortured Earth: Part IV: Crustal Turbulence: Sinking and Rising Lands

Alfred de Grazia also suggests that shallow parts of the land might also have been turned into seas and oceans by a deluge or flood caused by a planet like Saturn (Saturn Deluge), especially perhaps during the breakup of Grazia's version of the thunderbolts.info Electric Universe theory of a Saturn Configuration.

The ideas behind this is where did our planets amazing amount of water come from and ancient mythology around the world talk of water deluge, the flood, also coming from the heavens and not just normal rain.

the breakup of the area occurred and "western Europe" rifted outwards; the flood of Saturn deluged the shallow gulf areas; a fragment of the Venus tail spilled petroleum in the area and impacted.
The Lately Tortured Earth: Part IV: Crustal Turbulence: Sinking and Rising Lands