Raised beaches

eigg raised beaches growing earth evidenceAre some parts of the Earth's surface growing? Or are raised beaches evidence of a growing Earth?

The isle of Eigg in Scotland has raised beaches. Scottish islands seem to have a lot of raised beaches.

Thousands of feet of ice resulted in Scotland being pressed down into the molten rock beneath its surface. When the ice melted away the land has slowly rebounded, so that beaches which were once at sea level are now tens of metres above that level.

raised beaches isle of Eigg Scotland

The release of the land by the melting of the ice also caused Eigg’s raised beach at Laig, where ancient beach pebbles can be seen high up on the land, cut through by the path to Laig farm as it winds its way down towards the beach. Such ancient raised beaches can be seen as the steps on the edge of the Rum Cuillins outlines as you contemplate them from the beach.
Eigg Geology | Small Isles

But what about raised beaches found at Torquay in the very south of England? Or other raised beach locations around the world?

Raised beaches around the world

raised beaches around the world Torquay England
The pressing down of places due to ice ages is just a theory. It explains in theory the rising or growing of local places by glacial rebound.

Raised beaches appear to be found around the world at all kinds of latitudes and longitudes.

Raised beaches are found in a wide variety of coast and geodynamical background such as subduction on the pacific coast of South America, of North America, passive margin of the Atlantic coast of South America, collision context on the Pacific coast of Kamchatka, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Japan, passive margin of the South China sea coast, on west-facing Atlantic coasts, such as Donegal Bay, County Cork and County Kerry in Ireland; Bude, Widemouth Bay, Crackington Haven, Tintagel, Perranporth and St Ives in Cornwall, the Vale of Glamorgan, Gower Peninsula, Pembrokeshire and Cardigan Bay in Wales, the Isle of Jura and Isle of Arran in Scotland, Finistère in Brittany and Galicia in Northern Spain and at Squally Point in Eatonville, Nova Scotia within the Cape Chignecto Provincial Park.
Worldwide occurrence - Raised beach | Wikipedia

raised beaches growing earth theory evidence

Are the same geology visual effects found all over our planet in all sorts of different material and history really formed by very different processes? Occam's razor?

Or is it the same as with the geology evidence of planet Mercury contracting? The same planetary geomorphology features of rift valleys and cliff that we see on Earth and other planets can not mean or be the same thing on Mercury.

Not because they are physically different but because sciences Nebular theory states that it can not be. Everything geology uses on every other planet is not just ignored but reversed.

Are mountains growing, the continental crust where the High Plains in the USA growing or have grown, or, is planet Earth's surface growing in certain locations but not due to plate tectonics or colliding plates?

Glacial rebound or a growing planet Earth?