Spacequakes cause the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

What causes or triggers the earths auroras (the Northern and Southern Lights)? The Earths fast plasma jet causes spacequakes and these trigger the aurora, also known as the Northern Lights (Southern Lights are called the Aurora Australis). Although the Solar plasma wind is part of the process, the solar wind is not the the only cause of auroras being seen in our skies.

sun earth connection solar wind plasma

Earths natural Neon light show

auroras caused by earths plasma jet and spacequakes

The cause of the aurora is electrically excited or charged atoms, molecules and ions emitting photons (light). It is a natural version of Neon lights. How the aurora creating atoms get electrically charged and are accelerated towards earth (against the solar plasma wind) is due to the process that creates earths spacequakes.

Earths plasma jet and spacequakes = aurora display

spacequakes ground signatures aurora magnetic field plasma jet

The Earth has a fast plasma jet at its rear or nightside, the downtail of the earths magnetosphere. Here plasma is suddenly accelerated back towards the earth, against the flow of the solar plasma wind. It is a natural version of CERN and a similar effect to the Solar plasma wind which accelerates the further it goes away from the sun.

The fast plasma jet goes towards the earths magnetosphere and here the magnetic field lines appear to oscillate up and down. This is the 'spacequake' and it is the cause and trigger of the aurora.

spacequakes cause trigger auroras northern lights along with earths plasma jet animated movie

10% of the energy from the Solar plasma wind is exchanged with the earth through the plasma jet and spacequakes, this energy helps supply the power for the auroras. The Earths Space Fountain (plasma fountain) is located around the North Pole region and shoots/accelerates/exchanges earths plasma with the Electric Universe.

Spacequake = earthquake?

earthquake spacequake similar bastile day event 2000 china 2010

Spacequakes have a very similar signature to earthquakes in a number of ways including the energy released and timeframe. This likely means that spacequakes and earthquakes are either triggered by the same effect/process or the output result of whatever causes them is the same.

The Earths fast plasma jet and the spacequakes are part of a circuit and exchange system with the earths magnetosphere/ionosphere and the Earth itself. One part of the Earth's Electrical Environment with its Global Electrical Circuit and Electric Weather System.

This circuit/exchange mechanism is part of a larger electromagnetic circuit between the Earth and the Sun. In the Electric Universe there will also be connections between all the planets and the Sun and then to the rest of the Universe.

Electric Universe = circuits = Earths plasma fountains/jets

earths space plasma fountain electrical weather circuit

Earth's "plasma fountain", showing oxygen, helium, and hydrogen ions which gush into space from regions near the Earth's poles. The faint yellow area shown above the north pole represents gas lost from Earth into space; the green area is the aurora borealis, where plasma energy pours back into the atmosphere
Plasma (physics) | wiki

In an Electrical Universe there needs to be circuits connecting everything. No circuits, no Electric Universe. The Earth has a Global Electric Circuit and weather that connects with space. The spacequakes and especially the fast plasma jet that causes them and the auroras is part of the Electric Universe circuit in our solar system. Plasma/energy comes into the earths magnetosphere/atmosphere through these and is also leaving the earth through its Space Fountain or north pole plasma jet.

earths electrical environment global circuit

The image above has been updated from its appearance in the National Academies Press published paper on The Earth's Electrical Environment (pdf). It needs to be updated further showing the earths fast plasma jet.

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