Spacequakes triggered by the Suns Plasma Bombs

Spacequakes triggered by the Suns Plasma Bombs - Below is a german google translate version of the original report entitled Plasmabomben lösen Weltraumbeben aus which translates to 'Plasma bombs create Galaxy Earthquakes'.

Spacequakes triggered by the Suns Plasma Bombs

Nasa has previously discovered and proved that the Earth connects to the Sun every 8 minutes or more. It will be soon be 'discovered' that all the planets in the Solar System are connected to each other and to the Sun and our Solar System to the Electric Universe. Circuits. If there are no connections (circuits) between everything then there is no Electric Universe Theory. If there are ... ?

One of the mantra's of the Electric Universe Theory is that effects on or seen with plasma (electrical charged gas which makes up 99% of the Universe) are scalable. Shown below in the fact that the Suns 'plasma bombs' create and trigger spacequakes with a similar effect and signature as an earthquake. The reason is that earthquakes are an electric effect. That is why you get physcial effects before, during and after. Why animals can sense earthquakes are coming.

The findings in the report are a great surprise to all experts of a Gravity Universe but no surprise to those who follow the Electric Universe Theory. Infact all of this is not only to be expected but is normally predicted by the EU Theory. A good theory predicts and the Gravity Universe Theory predicts very little.

If you want to be able to predict what they will find next and what it all means then you can visit a few Electric Universe Theory sites and forums.

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"Plasma bombs create Galaxy Earthquakes"
(Plasmabomben lösen Weltraumbeben aus)

A hitherto unknown natural phenomenon researchers have now tracked down: violent solar storms leave the Earth's magnetic field quake. Compass needles vibrate, light up the north polar lights - and for space travelers could be dangerous quake.

Compass needles quiver, they show currently not reliable to the north. A giant quake is in progress. But the soil does not wobble - Earth's magnetic field vibrates. "Just takes place near Earth space a really strong quake," says Wolfgang Baumjohann of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (AAS). It was probably the strongest quake ever measured space. "You can probably compare with the strength of the earthquake to Haiti in January."

First time ever, scientists report of measurements of the mysterious natural phenomenon. "We are trying to establish the concept of space quake now," says Karl-Heinz Glassmeifer from the Technical University of Braunschweig at the annual meeting of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) in Vienna.

Not only the trembling of the compass needle tells such an event, including the Northern Lights give a hint: Electrical discharges can light up the sky, sometimes as far south. Now and again were Polar Lights documented to central Europe - and interpreted in the Middle Ages as a divine warning. "Presumably, the lights were the consequences of space-quake," said John Baum. For people on the ground the events presented little risk; spaceships However, the quake came in such a space would be threatened.

Five satellites tracked the phenomenon

With five NASA satellites that measure since 2007, the geomagnetic field, the researchers of the phenomenon came to the track. Lined up like on a string vertically from Earth into space, floating probes of the "Themis" project. They have registered the cosmic vibration of the magnetic field. The space previously heaviest quake occurred, according to satellite measurements, 7 April this year. "It was, however, somewhat weaker than the currently taking place," said John Baum. Smaller earthquakes, however, it give "almost hourly".

The discovery has surprised the participants of the Vienna meeting: "This is all new for us," marvels Kalevi Mursula University of Oulu in Finland, an expert on solar wind.

The quake in the magnetic field begins with a solar storm: Time and again the central star torches, electrically charged particles hurled into space. These solar storms are fairly well known: With more than a thousand kilometers per second, they race towards the earth.

If the magnetic current on the magnetic field of the earth, he is guided around the planet. Huge amounts of energy get it on the night side of Earth where the magnetic field is charging accordingly. The solar wind blows the magnetic field lines to the rear until they flutter like hair in the wind. "The field lines are loaded with energy and it stretched like a rubber band," said John Baum.

Eventually, the energy surplus is too big - it shakes: some 60,000 kilometers above the earth discharge the magnetic field lines with a single blow. A plasma jet - a bomb charged particles - is released. Only the internal magnetic field of the earth about 30,000 miles it slows down in height - and trembles at the impact, like a trampoline. This is evident from satellite measurements of the research: The field lines oscillate thousands of miles up and down.

Plasma bomb on the magnetic field trampoline

The plasma bomb time and again thrown back into space, says Baumjohann: First, with about a thousand kilometers per hour, then at half speed, then with 360 km / h. "The measurement curve is similar to the seismogram of earthquake," says the researcher. "That really surprised us." The energy released by both natural phenomena is comparable, says Rumi Nakamura of the Academy. However: "A Space earthquake extends over a much larger area, the energy is distributed accordingly." A spacecraft that fly through the affected area could, according to the cosmic vibrations Baumjohann but quite dangerous.

Although the researchers can now predict strong solar storms usually - good news for remote communication and air traffic, because solar storms can move satellites and airplanes also affected. A forecast of the earthquake space seems so far impossible.

"When the critical moment is reached, it can not predict," says Nakamura. After all, sensitive compasses could detect the event, says the expert glass Braunschweig Meier: A Space quake she shook. Moreover, residents enjoy high latitudes - about glow in Alaska or Scandinavia - currently a special natural spectacle: Space quake can auroras in the sky. "Such a cosmic earthquake," said Meier glass, "is just fine especially.

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