Supercontinents or smaller planet?

expanding earth evidence proof supercontinents growing globePlanet Earths continents could fit together to form a supercontinent like Pangea, or, they could alternatively fit together nearly perfectly on a smaller planet like on Mercury?
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For 60 years the orthodoxy has been that these processes gradually form supercontinents, such as Gondwana or Laurasia, where a vast land mass is brought together before slowly breaking up and drifting away in pieces again. This has happened a number of times in cycles since the Earth was formed, collecting and then separating land over and over again. Now we have new information that suggests that the process is more complex than we had thought.

... It will also make us think more about what happens when supercontinents break apart, especially smaller pieces the size of Tasmania or the UK. It could mean that a lot of them end up forming new continents through this sort of process. Previously scientists hadn’t given this much thought. Wherever the new findings take us, it may be the beginning of a new chapter in how the world fits together.
A New Way to Form Continents | Live Science

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One continent on smaller planet?

expanding earth ideas expansion expanded globes planets growingOr a planet getting larger?

Or perhaps larger and smaller multiple times if we have had the supposed multiple super continents, or, a smaller planet multiple times?

Why would continents not just keep breaking apart but why on Earth would they keep joining together multiple times to form one super continent? When you would expect the actual land and rock masses to keep some of them seperated from the others and not able to get close to each other.

When you look at the visual evidence and think about it both are as mad as each other, but which looks the more reasonable?