Cloud Arc Structures, Fallstreak Holes and Cloud Circles

Cloud Arc Structures (Cloud Arcs), Fallstreak Holes and Cloud Circles - what are they and how are they formed? Are they related or forms of each other?

Fallstreak Holes (Punch Hole Clouds) produce these strange cloud formations in the center of the cloud hole.

crab clouds with jacobs ladder cloud ( similar to erebus ice tongue) fotos from island of malta antenna cloud or like a grill fotos from crab clouds in malta

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Cloud Ladders and Roll Clouds

Cloud Ladders, Roll clouds, Baby Crab Clouds and the Earths local and global electrical weather circuits

weather phenomenon and clouds fotos taken from maltas islands cloud potential lines in the electrical universe

It started as a baby Crab Cloud then stunning weather phenomenon happened around or because of it. Cloud Ladders, Cloud Streamers, Cloud Streets, a Roll Cloud and multiple Fallstreak Holes.

This appears to show that Crab Clouds are part of the Earths electrical weather system and not a separate component. Are they Cloud or Weather Potential Lines in an XEarth (exchanging Earth)?

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What and how are Hole Punch Clouds formed (Fallstreak)?

How are Hole Punch Clouds formed (Fallstreak hole clouds)? What are Punch Hole clouds (Fallstreak holes)?

How are Hole Punch Clouds formed?

strange weather clouds phenomenon photographs of punch hole clouds also known as Fallstreak Holes electric universe events seen in breakdown clouds around fallstreak holes or punch hole clouds

These amazing cloud phenomenon are known as Hole Punch Clouds or Fallstreak Holes and they are strange holes in the cloud layer. Hole Punch Clouds are normally circular but can be oblong or even pentagram shaped!

How are Hole Punch Clouds formed? What process creates Fallstreak Holes? How do you get double Fallstreak Holes joined together?
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Fallstreak Hole clouds

What causes Fallstreak Hole clouds to be so circular or rectangular? Other circular hole shapes appear in the cloud cover and these belong to Volcano and Atomic Bomb explosions. Is there any relationship?

sky holes (Punch Hole Clouds or Fallstreak Holes) are unusual cloud shapes and patterns in the sky

Punch Hole clouds (Fallstreak Hole clouds) appear to start as a complete circle then clouds appear in the middle. Sometimes you get a very defined center cloud with a clearing ring around it.

With the first Fallstreak Hole Cloud (see top photograph) the cloud appearing inside the hole is even in small boxes. How have these survived or formed?
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