Spacequakes, Earths magnetotail and Plasma Jet

Spacequakes, Earths magnetotail and its fast moving Plasma Jet information from the THEMIS/EGU press releaase

spacequakes plasma jet

Spacequakes protect us from dangerous particles emitted by the Sun

Scientists have discovered a new way in which the Earth’s magnetic field protects us against dangerous articles from the Sun, thereby causing a ‘spacequake’.
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Spacequakes cause the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

What causes or triggers the earths auroras (the Northern and Southern Lights)? The Earths fast plasma jet causes spacequakes and these trigger the aurora, also known as the Northern Lights (Southern Lights are called the Aurora Australis). Although the Solar plasma wind is part of the process, the solar wind is not the the only cause of auroras being seen in our skies.

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Earths natural Neon light show

auroras caused by earths plasma jet and spacequakes

The cause of the aurora is electrically excited or charged atoms, molecules and ions emitting photons (light). It is a natural version of Neon lights. How the aurora creating atoms get electrically charged and are accelerated towards earth (against the solar plasma wind) is due to the process that creates earths spacequakes.

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Spacequakes triggered by the Suns Plasma Bombs

Spacequakes triggered by the Suns Plasma Bombs - Below is a german google translate version of the original report entitled Plasmabomben lösen Weltraumbeben aus which translates to 'Plasma bombs create Galaxy Earthquakes'.

Spacequakes triggered by the Suns Plasma Bombs

Nasa has previously discovered and proved that the Earth connects to the Sun every 8 minutes or more. It will be soon be 'discovered' that all the planets in the Solar System are connected to each other and to the Sun and our Solar System to the Electric Universe. Circuits. If there are no connections (circuits) between everything then there is no Electric Universe Theory. If there are ... ?
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