Study suggests tectonic plates shrink. Expand also?

expanding earth evidence tectonic plates shrinkAn expanding earth (growing earth) may also in time be a contracting or shrinking world. If the worlds tectonic plates (sections that make up the continents like Eurasia, Africa and the sea floor etc) can expand then they can also shrink.

A recent report by Corné Kreemer and Richard Gordon has suggested ...

expanding earth theory evidence tectonic plates contractingThe puzzle pieces of tectonic plates that make up the outer layer of the earth are not rigid and don't fit together as nicely as we were taught in high school.

Using large-scale numerical modeling as well as GPS velocities from the largest GPS data-processing center in the world – the Nevada Geodetic Laboratory at the University of Nevada, Reno – Kreemer and Gordon have showed that cooling of the lithosphere, the outermost layer of Earth, makes some sections of the Pacific plate contract horizontally at faster rates than other sections. This causes the plate to deform.

Results of the study suggest that plate-scale horizontal thermal contraction is significant, and that it may be partly released seismically.
Study shows tectonic plates not rigid, deform horizontally in cooling process

Is this also perhaps evidence that the world has shrunk and expanded a few times, with the formation of a number of supercontinents, or looking at it another way, the worlds tectonic plates joining together on a smaller world.

You always have to remember that the whole plate tectonics thing, subduction etc is just a theory and part of the geology theory. We have not been around long enough to measure it actually happening. It is just interpretation of data using a theory.