Weather fronts movement – pushed or pulled?

Cloud weather fronts - pushed or pulled? Cloud weather fronts or circles?

are weather fronts pushed or are they pulled forward

Are weather fronts pushed or do they pull themselves forward? Weather fronts with clouds can appear to have cloud streamers/fingers/lines extending out in front of them. If the wind is blowing and pushing the cloud forwards why and how do you get thin lines of clouds?

Are these the power lines that supply the weather front with its energy? Do they help to pull forward the weather front? Are these variations of plasma currents, something like Birkeland currents?

Pushmi Pullyu clouds and weather fronts

weather fronts do they push or do they pull themselves forward do cloud streamers pulling or pushing weather front line

A weather front or slow moving roll cloud moved in from the north of Malta. Some sections of lines extended further and further from the weather front. Why only certain small sections? Why did they have concentrated lines in them? The number of shorter lines coming from the weather front also increased. Were these the energy lines extending forward or perhaps to/from a certain part of the sky?

where does clouds weather fronts energy come from how why can do clouds form lines when they are pushed forward

As the Sun started to set and more activity happened in front of the weather front the lines increased in numbers along the weather front line.

why how can do clouds form straight lines if they are pushed blown by wind

Weather front streamers and circuits

photographs of electrical circuits in weather fronts clouds why how do can clouds stream forward in lines if wind blows them

The cloud streamers extended out towards certain areas of the sky. At first it was not obvious where they were going but then other lines or extended out to the same spot. The long line of cloud (left photograph - going up to the top left) extended towards the same spot as the very long streamers (top of the page).

are weather fronts formed by hot cold air or alternative explanation

The weather front seemed to be a thin line of cloud, a variation of a slow moving roll cloud (if everything is scalable). You can see below it the brighter image of the sky below and behind it. This seems to show that the weather front is concentrated or originates from one precise area, the line cloud. Are the thin filament clouds caused by any wind or are they created by something else?

Does this also show that whatever is happening much higher in the atmosphere does have an affect on what is above it? All layers are linked in some way. The weather front seemed to involve 2 parts, the lower thick cloud with its streamers and also the higher thinner filament clouds.

Weather front circles

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Was it a weather front or the backend of a larger weather circle? There was a definite smaller cloud circle extending from the front of the weather line (left photograph) but also a much larger circle.

The circumference of the large weather front circle was outlined by 2 extensions. The west arm was the long filaments at the top of the page and the east side was the line with the curving end that you can see above on the right.

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The weather front slowly moved south but the arms and the tendrils stretched further outwards and around to create a very large circle. Although the cloud tendrils/streamers may have been there all the time but it was just that they become visible.

Notice how the different cloud lines in the photograph above seem to go towards a certain area. All different types of clouds in different locations in the sky yet they seem to be either going towards or from a specific point. This would seem to suggest that this is where the energy for the clouds is either going to or from.

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The smaller circle on the eastern end of the weather front line would seem to be a higher level than the actual weather front but the cloud below it also started to curve round in its own circle. There also was a small but concentrated white cloud that appeared, very much like the start of a Crab Cloud. These create weather and can also appear in or at the edge of cloud circles.

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