What and how are Hole Punch Clouds formed (Fallstreak)?

How are Hole Punch Clouds formed (Fallstreak hole clouds)? What are Punch Hole clouds (Fallstreak holes)?

How are Hole Punch Clouds formed?

strange weather clouds phenomenon photographs of punch hole clouds also known as Fallstreak Holes electric universe events seen in breakdown clouds around fallstreak holes or punch hole clouds

These amazing cloud phenomenon are known as Hole Punch Clouds or Fallstreak Holes and they are strange holes in the cloud layer. Hole Punch Clouds are normally circular but can be oblong or even pentagram shaped!

How are Hole Punch Clouds formed? What process creates Fallstreak Holes? How do you get double Fallstreak Holes joined together?

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Hole Punch Clouds (Fallstreak Holes) development

Fallstreak Holes or Hole Punch Cloud are amazing weather cloud phenomenon - this Punch Hole Cloud was photographed in Malta September 2009

Hole Punch Clouds are mainly circular in shape but that does vary to include oblong cigar shapes, pentagrams and even lines of Hole Punch Clouds joined together. They start off as a clear hole in the clouds then fill up with cloud. With Punch Hole Clouds you will often find a special type of cloud forming around the edges of the circle but on the outside or surrounding the hole.

phenomenon clouds known as sky holes, punch hole clouds, corn circle clouds or Fallstreak Holes

This cloud is very distinct and is seen with most Punch Hole Clouds are formed. This cloud therefore is part of the process of the creation, formation and development of Punch Hole Clouds and the Fallstreak Holes.

The special cloud formation found inside that appears to be why they are called Fallstreak Holes is not just found with Punch Hole Clouds. It can be observed with Crab Clouds and also Cloud Arc Structures. The fact that a number of physical similarities can be observed with different types of cloud holes, circles and arcs should mean that the same forces are created them all.

circles in the clouds and sky are known as fallstreak holes or hole punch  clouds clouds showing what are called gravity waves but are they wave ripples or frequency waves forming a holes in the sky

As the Fallstreak Hole develops cloud will appear in its center but there is normally a clear "ring" around the outside. The cloud inside the Fallstreak Hole is normally filimentary so looks like twisting braids of clouds. Sometimes these are in all directions but other times they come off a very tight white band of cloud, like they are attached or feeding from this main filiment.

How are the actual Holes physically formed and what causes them? The books and Wikipedia will say that its due to super cold water and ice etc. but that is not saying what forms them. That is still just a theory and when you look at the amazing shapes, the constant associated phenomenon it does little to explain what you can actually see happening in front of you.

Electromagnetic forces can influence water immensely. A magnetic field can increase or decrease waters physical properties. If the field is localised then water will behave very differently in that local field than water beside it. If you have a magnetic field you must have a flow of electrical current. The same as for all times you read "magenetic fields" in astronomy, for example Sunspots. But where could electrical current come from in clouds? The atmsophere is a plasma, it is a charged gas. You can see this when the Northern Lights are in action or when lightning strikes.

Sometimes they may be triggered by the contrails of a "jet engine" but what is a Jet? It is energised (charged) gas, it is a plasma. More natural events in an Electric Universe may also trigger natural Punch Hole Clouds.

Moscow Hole Punch Cloud or UFO Cloud?

Moscow Hole Punch Cloud or Moscow UFO Cloud photographed and videod on 7th October 2009 in the skies above Moscow

The Moscow Hole Punch Cloud or 'UFO Cloud' is a variation of a Hole Punch Cloud. No mention has been made of an actual Fallstreak Hole (a true empty circle of cloud that is known as a Hole Punch Cloud) in the area or that the Moscow Hole Punch Cloud started off as one of these weather phenomenon and then it filled out with cloud.

Moscow Hole Punch Cloud (filled in Fallstreak Hole) or Moscow UFO Cloud photographed and videod in October 2009 above Moscow holes punch clouds photographs  of oblong shaped Fallstreak Holes similar to the Moscow Hole Punch Cloud

The photograph above on the left shows the Moscow Hole Punch Cloud that appeared above Moscow on October 7th 2009 and was captured in a video clip.

The photograph above on the right shows a very similar Cloud Circle or Cloud Doughnut (Donut Cloud) in another country. They are both variations of Hole Punch Clouds.

Romanian Fallstreak Hole Cloud (Hole Punch Cloud)

Romanian Fallstreak Hole Cloud (Hole Punch Cloud) ufo cloud

A few weeks later after the Moscow Hole Punch Cloud there appeared a different version of a Hole Punch Cloud, the Fallstreak Hole Cloud. This seems to basically be an advanced stage of a Hole Punch Cloud. The hole appears in the cloud then "virga" appears to form and not just fall but be blown or drawn out of the clearing.

Romanian Fallstreak Hole Cloud (Hole Punch Cloud) ufo cloud

You can see the video of the Romanian Fallstreak Hole (Hole Punch Cloud) here.

Hole Punch Clouds Palm Beaches, Florida, America

palm beaches florida usa america hole punch clouds fallstreak hole clouds formed from cirrocumulus altocumulus palm beaches florida hole punch clouds fallstreak holes clouds multiple photograph

These Hole Punch Clouds (Fallstreak Holes) were photographed over the Palm Beaches area in Florida, America. Multiple Hole Punch Clouds were seen. An unusual image was captured of either 2 Fallstreak Hole Clouds joining each other at an angle or 1 single Fallstreak Cloud twisting.

Are different and new types of clouds being formed as the Earth changes in an Electric Universe? Noctilucent clouds were not observed or recorded until after the Krakatoa Volcanic eruption in 1883. Hole Punch Clouds (Fallstreak Holes) are being observed more often and in greater numbers. Due to the internet or the Electric Universe?

More photographs of Hole Punch Clouds, Palm Beaches, Florida, America

Cloud Waves - frequency transferring energy

the mystery clouds phenomenon - double connected hole punch clouds also called fallstreak holes

You will also see with some Punch Hole Clouds that there is a "standing wave" pattern associated beside or with the hole. It looks very much like cloud waves or corrigated clouds, showing that there is a frequency wave travelling through it. Waves are a way of transporting or showing that there is energy being transferred.

Sky Holes my also have corridors or waves of clear or thick cloud attached to them. They look like connecting cables.

How are Fallstreak Hole or Punch Hole Clouds formed? Are these Cloud Waves the result of the Fallstreak Hole, is the Fallstreak Hole a byproduct of the frequency waves and energy being created or are they all a side effect of something else, something EU that is creating the whole effect?

standing waves or frequency clouds forming or a byproduct of fallstreakholes (hole punch clouds)?

The image above shows large standing waves or frequencies but notice the changes in the waves shapes in different areas and along the wave of a line.

Hole Punch Clouds - Electrical Breakdown Clouds

how are fallstreak holes or hole punch clouds formed? What natural process creates these sky holes?

There is a cloud that is very much associated with electric clouds and when there is a breakdown or electrical event happening. The type of cloud can be seen clearly in the photographs above, at the top of the images. This cloud appears on the edges of fronts and events. It also can appear in the sky in patches and only last for a short time before vanishing. This is a real sign of electrical activity and shows that charge is moving between the layers in the atmosphere.

Hole Punch Clouds or Fallstreak Holes are Electric Universe events.

mini cloud streets forming from standing clouds waves or electrical breakdown clouds besides fallstreak holes or punch hole clouds
The force or event creating the electric breakdown clouds may spread out and weaken, dissapear or change into a wider type of cloud. This cloud, if it is related to the breakdown clouds, starts to form small Cloud Streets, much like Cloud Waves with a cloud free area between them.

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