White Caps on sea waves MIA

MIA White Caps (wave crests) on sea waves - what do you see?

bahar ic caghaq beach bay swimming white horses not made in the shade no white horses sea waves in the shadows
Why and how can White Caps (sea waves also known as White Horses or White Crests), 'created' by the wind, not be seen in the clouds shadows? If White Caps are formed purely by wind action then the sun not shining on them should not matter.

If there is cloud cover (of a certain type) you will see less White Caps visible in the cloud shadows (Suns shadow). This is difficult to explain in the standard Gravity Universe but is explainable in the Electric Universe.

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White Caps (White Horses) love the sunshine!

sailing boat yacht sunshine windy day sea waves white horses st marks tower qalet marku qrejten point malta island

In the photographs on this page and another article (Shy White Horses) you will see that where there is shadow there are less or no White Caps (White Crests / White Horses). The sea waves, known as White Horses love the sunshine, so much that they like to roam and graze in herds where the sun shines.

In the photographs you can tell where the clouds shadow is, not just because it is slightly darker but because there are less white horses.

MIA (Missing In Action) White Horses (White Caps)

bays of malta photograhs photos fotos sliver of sunshine equals white horses sea waves white sea cap

The same type of conditions for the previous investigation (Shy White Horses), a very winding day was chosen, with the same location overlooking Bahar Ic-Caghaq Bay in Malta. MIA White Horses (Caps) do appear on days where there is a pleasant breeze but for the MIA White Caps weather phenomenon to appear it seems to require certain clouds and maybe certain atmospheric conditions.

A very winding day is best because if the White Horses do not appear in the Suns shadow then it has to be related to the Sun. If White Caps are purely a wind effect then it should make no difference if there is cloud cover or not.

white rocks bahar ic caghaq splash and fun water park mediterraneo marine park swim with dolphins

The MIA White Caps day was slightly different in that there were larger lines or groups of clouds than just individual clouds. In these photographs of shy White Caps you can see how the White Caps off Bahar Ic-Caghaq beach/coast (White Rocks as it is known locally) are not so frequent in the shadow of the clouds. You do still get some White Caps, it was a very windy day.

It seemed though that when the Sun shadow first moved into a patch of sea that there would be virtually no White Horses but after a short spell some White Horses would appear. Had the area started to charge or re charge? Lack of potential difference?

the knights of malta fortification tower de redin forts wind wave system wind sea whitecaps

If there was sunshine then there where a lot of White Caps as you can see on the left. On the right, just in front of the Madliena Tower, you can see that the cloud shadow has not reached the shore yet, so the sea by the shore in sun shine still has White Caps. This image also shows that it is not just a 'light level' effect, where you can not see the White Caps because it is darker or further away.

The photo below shows that there are virtually no White Horse in the Suns shadow.

no white horses sea waves breaking sea spray in cloud shadow

Weather you believe it or not, what do you see?

malta weather conditions 23 october 2009 malta weather conditions 23 october 2009 local gusts air pressure

In the Electric Universe everything is connected and interacts. Scientists have confirmed that the Earths weather is part of a Global Electrical Cycle. More and more evidence is being found that the Earth and the Sun are connected electrically. In a circuit things are not just moved around, they are exchanged and created.

The weather charts above show local weather conditions for this day, the photographs were taken 2 or 3 hours earlier. It is interesting to note the Dew point and the change of pressure.

If you were to create a planet in an Electrical Universe you would want a planet that does not just store vast amounts of electrical energy but can conduct and transform it. You would want a lot of silica dioxide (sand) and silicon, salt water and an atmosphere that also conducts electricity. You would design something like our Earth.

An explanation for MIA White Horses (White Caps)

clouds white horses caps going up at angle

The fact that White Caps are seen a lot less in the Suns shadow indicates that the Sun shine is creating an electrical circuit or exchange mechanism between the sea and the atmosphere. The White Caps may be a variation of cavitation. It would be interesting to find out if the white foam is hotter or more electrically charged than the salt water around it. Also it is likely to be chemically different, a reaction or energy process.

"Sea spray is a spray of water that forms when ocean waves crash. As a result, salt spray contains a high concentration of mineral salts, particularly chloride anions." - Sea spray (Wikipedia)

The more salt the better? The more salt the more conductive something is. That is why humans sweat salt when they do something physical, discuss something they are excited about, have a fever or take certain drugs.

If it is survival of the fittest then is there a single point to sweating? There must be other less non lethal ways of keeping cool?

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madliena tower 1658 pembroke malta grand master de redin

The White Caps photographs where taken near the Madliena Tower, built in 1658 at Pembroke (Malta) by the Knights of Malta Grand Master de Redin.

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